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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Everything about Fast Charging and Quick Charge 4.0 and 4+ Explained !!

Everything about Fast Charging and Quick Charge 4.0 and 4+ Explained !!

Hello Friends and dear visitors, Today's Post is about fast charging...Oh really does this fast charging happens ?? Yes !! It happens. We always watch advertisements of mobile phones covering the phase saying that the phone is having a fast charging feature.What do these smartphones have in special...So let's explore everything we need to know about fast charging.

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When we talk about fast charging, It is referred by the term Quick Charge. So, Quick Charge basically is a technology we find in Qualcomm Snapdragon Chips which we have in our smartphones and this technology is based on INOV ( Intelligent Negotiation For Optimal Voltage).

This INOV manages the voltages and allows the phone to charge faster than normal time.

Qualcomm have initiated this fast charging technologies since 2013. Just to get look on some fast charging history Let's just view it's timeline.

1. Quick Charge 1.0       
          Voltage : 5 V
          Date Released : 2013
          Snapdragon Versions : Snapdragon 600

2. Quick Charge 2.0
          Voltage : 5 V, 9 V, 12 V
          Date Released : 2015
          Snapdragon Versions : Snapdragon 200, 208, 210, 212, 400, 410, 412, 415, 425, 610, 615, 616,           800, 801, 805, 808, 810

3. Quick Charge 3.0
          Voltage : 3.6 V to 20 V, dynamic with 200 mV increments
          Date Released : 2016
          Snapdragon Versions : Snapdragon 427, 430, 435, 617, 620, 625, 626, 650, 652, 653, 820,821

4. Quick Charge 4.0
          Voltage : Unknown
          Date Released : 2017
          Snapdragon Versions : Snapdragon 630, 660, 835

5. Quick Charge 4+
          Voltage : Unknown
          Date Released : 2017
          Snapdragon Versions : Snapdragon 835

We saw that this Quick Charge 4.0 and Quick Charge 4+ is released in 2017. Now, Let's just discover more about these latest releases.

When we talk about Quick Charge 4.0, It's not just faster but it's more efficient. When we say it's fast charging then off-course the phone will be heated but the Quick Charge 4.0 has the feature of cooling.

Let's See the features of Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 in Detail.

1.  5 For 5

     Qualcomm says that this as it records that charging 5 minutes with Quick Charge 4.0 gives us 5 Hours of more charging.

2.  0 to 50 %

     Qualcomm says that Quick Charge 4.0 will charge phone from 0% to 15% in just 15 Minutes.

3.  USB Type C and USB Power Delivery Compliant (USB PD)

     Qualcomm Charging supports USB Type C and all types of power Delivery Options.

For More Details on USB Types :

4.  Battery Saver

     This Feature adds feature of extending battery life as long as possible. This is done by managing the voltages and currents.

5.  INOV ( Intelligent Negotiation For Optimal Voltage).

    This is Technology used for Quick Charging and Quick Charge 4.0 supports this algorithm up to 20mV.

6.  Dual Charge

    Now, What is Dual Charge ?? This is a feature which will divide the power and allows the device to manage heat dissipation and this also helps in extending battery Life.

This was all about Snapdragon Quick Charge 4.0. Let's see about Snapdragon Quick Charge 4+.

 Quick Charge 4+ is a new milestone in Qualcomm Technologies.It does not have new features but it adds "+"  to  "Quick Charge 4.0".

Following are the features of Quick Charge 4+.

1.  Dual Charge

Already Discussed in Quick Charge 4.0.

2.  Intelligent Thermal Balancing

This is a feature of intelligently balancing Thermal Power which moves the power to closest path and eliminating Hot spots

3.  Advanced Safety Features.

Quick Charge 4+ goes one step further and is designed to monitor both the case and connector temperature levels simultaneously. This extra layer of protection helps ward against overheating and short-circuit or damage to the Type-C connector.

↳  With Dual Charge, Intelligent Thermal Balancing, and Advanced Safety Features incorporated in a device design, that device has the potential to charge up to 15 percent faster, or 30 percent more efficiently when compared to Quick Charge 4.

↳  Accessories such as wall adapters, car chargers, portable battery banks, and USB hubs can also qualify for Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ designation. Such an accessory will include backward compatibility with Quick Charge 3.0 and Quick Charge 2.0. Having a 4+ certified accessory will help ensure that your existing Quick Charge 3.0 and 2.0 enabled devices will work with the latest commercially available adapters.

↳ Till now the only phone announced with Quick Charge 4+ is nubia Z17. The nubia Z17 is one powerful smartphone featuring, in addition to Quick Charge 4+ and a 3200mAh battery, the Snapdragon 835 mobile platform with an impressive 8GB RAM and 128GB memory, 23+12 megapixel dual rear camera, and a 5.5” FHD frameless display.

Okay so, our main purpose of writing this type of post was to advance you. After reading this post, Make Sure your new phone is having Quick Charge 4+ feature. 

This was Small Guide on Quick Charge Technology and and somewhat detail about Quick Charge 4.0 and Quick Charge 4+. 

Thursday, 11 May 2017

What is Fuchsia OS and How to Install Fuchsia OS ?

What is Fuchsia OS and How to Install Fuchsia OS ?

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As Google is always unique, when we talk Google's Inventions about maps, YouTube and a father of everything i.e Google itself - THE SEARCH ENGINE  these are an awesome concept that might not thought by anyone, many months ago google launched its OS that is Chrome OS, there is another OS of google which is being developed by google.That is Fuchisa OS, So, Today's post is everything about this Operating System.

- What is Fuchsia OS ? -

 Google is saying that Fuchsia OS is gonna replace Android, and it is totally minimal and faster than Android Os.By this Line you must get a question that why it is faster than Android? That's because of its Kernel, Android is using Linux kernel where Fuchsia is going to use google's Micro kernel that is Magenta Kernel.

Fuchsia Os is based on flutter, Flutter is the Software development Kit (SDK) , which is also used to develop Android and IOS Applications. Fuchsia has its User interface that is Armadillo. Will talk later about Armadillo in this Article.

Magenta Kernel :-

Linux Kernel Was basically designed for Desktop use, but Android Developers taken the advantage of this kernel and also used this for Small devices, but actually it was getting slower when we were installing huge apps and this was resulting in heating of phone.

So Magenta is based totally on virtual memory, which gives time sharing performance among many applications etc. So Magenta is going to rock soon.

- How to install Fuchsia OS -

1. As I discussed about Fuchsia OS, it uses the Armadillo UI, here we have the Beta UI of Armadillo to Download the UI :- Click Here

2. It is Apk file which is obviously supported in Android.

3. Install that and feel the Fuchsia OS with Armadillo UI.

- About Armadillo -

Armadillo is UI of Fuchsia OS, when you will install the Apk file from above you will see one picture, and when you will go Up than you will see the Slides, basically those are the apps on which by tapping you can open the apps and to do Multi-tasking long press the slides and you will see the Multi window.

When you go Upward you will see that at the bottom there will be a bottom that is home button, whenever you will click on that you will come back to the that picture.
When you click the picture you will see the Quick settings like Airplane mode, sounds adjusters , brightness controller etc.

At the bottom of the Picture you will see the feature like google Okay, that section will gonna reserved for Googles apps.

- Why Fuchsia is better than Android? -

If you use Iphone which is based on IOS and whenever we do the comparison of Android and Iphone always Iphone wins, because IOS is fully stable. so google also wanted the same. so I think Fuchsia definitely will do the best than android.

I hope you liked this article, if you want to get the latest updates from this site press the bell icon which you can see at the bottom.

Thank You.

How to Save Webpage offline in Chrome Browser

How to Save Webpage offline in Chrome Browser

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It feels so disgusting when we get some interruption in our work and specially when it's our important work. Sometimes we face the major problem of internet connectivity and we need to download various applications which allow us to do our work Offline.Now with the very same concept Google Chrome has invented it's Offline mode.The Offline Mode allows us to save the link and view the same link when we don't have internet connectivity.

These saved Links are also used on Flight Mode which helps a lot during Travel Sessions.

So, here today i will be posting about How to View webpages Offline in Chrome with detailed step to step guide.

First of all you will have to download the latest version of Chrome Application on Android.

1. Open the Chrome Application and visit the link you want to download. After you have visited long press on the link and you will find an option of download link.

↪  Chrome will ask for Storage Permissions.Click on allow for allowing to store links.

2. You might be in a situation where you suddenly lost your internet connectivity, Well in  that case you will be migrated to "Offline Error Page" and in that situation your Download will be paused and your link will be download next time when you will on internet.

3. When we open the new tab in the Chrome, We get suggestions to view the articles according to our interest.Chrome allows us to download all those articles with just clicking on "Download Link".

         Chrome also ensures that You cannot get confuse between downloaded and not saved Links. It allows us to see those downloaded links with different type of  "Saved Mark".

⇥  Internal Working of Chrome

When we save these links with other Apps like Pocket Saves Links etc, those apps  work  with saving only the text from the website.When we save using Chrome, Links get saved with Websites not only with Links. So, Chrome provides more functionality as we  know Google beats everyone.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Top 12 Cool tech Under 250 Rupees / 3 Dollars

Top 12 Cool tech Under 250 Rupees / 3 Dollars

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Top 12 Cool Tech Under 250 Rs - Today, I am going to list out top cool tech (Tech Accessories) Under 250 Rs (3$). the delivery charges maybe different, so tech cost may vary. So Let's List out techs one by one.

- Top tech Under 250 Rs / 3$ -

1) Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug :-

This travel adapter is congruent with about 150 countries across the globe. You can use this to charge different types of electrical appliances, irrespective of what the socket type is. The charger is light in weight and comes with a travel pouch so that you can easily put it in your travel bag and carry all your electronic gadgets carefree.
  • CLASSYTEK Universal Worldwide Uses Travel AC Power Adaptor Surge Protector with UK + EU + AU + US Power Plug - White
  • Works in worldwide: United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia, The Caribbean, Great Britain ,Ireland, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, China, Japan, and more than 150 countries
  • Converts power outlet when travelling to other countries
  • Includes a travel pouch for easy storage
  • NOTE: This power adapter plug converts the power outlet only, it does NOT convert electrical output current and voltage. Please make sure your device carries a electrical converter when you travel to other countries with different electrical output.
Very much Beneficial when you import any product from other country.

Buy Link :- Click Here 

2)  Audio Splitter :- 

When You want to connect multiple earphone / Headphones with single device than it can help you a lot.
  • 3.5mm Earphone Headphone Audio Splitter
  • Share up to 5 audio outputs at the same time
  • Support any audio player or device
Buy Link :- Click Here 

3) Dummy Fake Security Camera :-

When you can't afford the real CCTV camera System than it is for you, it is looking same like real CCTV camera also it has one led which can make your home or office anti-thief, So if you want to scare out the thief than this is for you.
  • Made of high quality and durable material
  • Cheap and effective way to deter criminals
  • Installed quickly and easily to the ceiling or wall using the included screws
  • No wiring required. Works with 2 x AA Size Batteries (Not Included)
  • Protect your homes, shops and business
Buy Link :- Click Here

4) Mi Light :-

This is just like portable lamp you can connect this light with type a port and it will give you feel same as like lamp, so if you do late night studies or computing than it is for you..

Buy Link :- Click Here

 5) Selfie Flash :-

Now a Days you may have seen Moon Light in many selfie phones but those are very expensive, so if you want the same feel like that phones than this Tech is for you.. This is Rechargeable Light which you can connect in earphone's port (AUX port) . And Battery Capacity is 200 mAh

Buy Link :- Click here

6) mXplod earphone :- 

These are the simple Earphones, is that? No, This is the simple earphones with the look of iPhone's Air-birds  So if you want to buy Earphones with decent look than it is for you.

Buy Link :- Click Here

7) USB Fan :- 

Ahh, this one is my favorite, in this summer season everyone need a portable fan, So this tech is the solution for portable fan. you just need to plug this fan and that's it, Have fun it doesn't need any charging it will work with you phone's Power.

Buy Link :- Click Here 

8) Waterproof Pouch Big :- 

This one is Ultimate this tech will make your Smartphone waterproof, yes you heard Right, this one is  fully waterproof Pouch, where you pack your smartphone and it is totally transparent, so you can easily take picture, videos underwater. 

Buy Link : Click Here , Click Here

9) All In One COMBO Card Reader :- 

If your PC have shortage of ports than this one works best for you, this will give you multiple port to connect you should have to connect this Hub with  one USB port only..
  • Supports : MS/MS Pro Duo, M2, SD/MMC, Micro SD
  • 3 USB Hub With High speed USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • High transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps
  • Plug and play for PC platform

Buy Link :- Click Here

10) USB 5 in 1 OTG :-

This is the 5 in one otg cable which can be used to run multiple feature like Carder Reader pen-drive etc.
  • Note : Support Android Mobile and Tab Version 4.2.2 or above. Only suitable for cellphone with OTG function and micro USB 2.0 port.
  • A micro USB data port connected to smart phone or PDA, no software installation.
  • Use an external USB keyboard, USB mouse or USB Flash Disk with your Tablet.
  • Compatible with all device which support OTG function.

Buy Link :- Click Here

11) VR Headset :- 

Support 3D side by side video and VR game, you can search for "3D split screen" to find suitable videos to play, you can search it on youtube Android OS: search "Cardboard" in Google Play (needs Android 4.1+). IOS OS: search "Cardboard" in App Store. Compatibility: iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5, Google Nexus 4/ 5/ 6, HTC One, Xiaomi Mi3 Features: Large FOV: you can get a viewing angle of between 95 to 100 degrees, larger than many other vr glasses; Offer you a 1000 inches big screen at the distance of 3m

Buy Link :- Click Here

12) Hero NFC :- 

Condense a dozen phone actions into 1 quick Smartphone scan. Save time, simplify technology, and stop repeating the same tasks everyday. This NFC Tag (Near field communication tag) is compatible with all android devices, windows phones and blackberry devices with NFC hardware. Use these tags to quickly perform tasks with preset actions without the need to even unlock your phones screen. These NFC tags are build with high quality PVC+Epoxy material that has a very high service life, is water proof and can withstand shocks if you drop it on floor or accidentally step on it. The tag comes with a free string loop which can be used to hang it or use it as a key chain. What Are NFC TAGS: NFC tags can be small stickers or PVC cards, which contain a small un-powered NFC chip. Depending on how the tag is programmed, it can change various settings, launch apps and perform certain actions just by holding your phone close to it. To do this, the tag takes a small amount of power from the smartphone and sends its stored information onto it.

Buy Link :- Click Here

So, I Hope you enjoyed this article.. For any query don't forget to comment below and if you want to get Regular updates than subscribe to push notification or Email service to get notified. Thank you.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and 630 Explained !

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and 630 Explained !

So, Today's Post is about two new babies in the house of Qualcomm. Yes you guessed it right !!.I will be discussing about Qualcomm Snapdragon's 630 and 660.These two are new mobile platforms for the smartphone markets.These two processors are aimed at bringing advanced features to mid-range smartphones.So,let's discuss more about each in detail.

Snapdragon 660

When we talk about Snapdragon 660, It is the successor Qualcomm's existing 653 processor.There are amount of changes seen in the chipsets of both the processors.The one is move from 28nm process down to 14nm node which is very much efficient. The second difference is about CPU cores.

When we talk in detail about both the processors we get the following differences :

1. CPU

Snapdragon 660 : 4x Kryo 260 at 2.2GHz 4x Kryo 260 at the speed of  1.8GHz
Snapdragon 653 : 4x Cortex-A72 @ 1.95GHz 4x Cortex-A53 at the speed of 1.44GHz

2. GPU

Snapdragon 660 : Adreno 512 (Vulkan API)
Snapdragon 653 : Adreno 510

3. Co-processors

Snapdragon 660 : Hexagon 642 + HVX, All-Ways Aware, Spectra 160
Snapdragon 653 : Hexagon, All-Ways Aware, 2x ISP

4. LTE

Snapdragon 660 : X12 LTE , 600Mbps down,150 Mbps up, 3x20MHz CA, up to 256-QAM
Snapdragon 653 : X9 LTE , 300Mbps down, 150Mbps up, 2x20MHz CA, up to 64-QAM

5. Bluetooth

Snapdragon 660 : 5
Snapdragon 653 : 4.1

6. Quick Charge

Snapdragon 660 : 4.0
Snapdragon 653 : 3.0

7. Process

Snapdragon 660 : 14nm
Snapdragon 653 : 28nm

↠ Qualcomm 660 has sort of extra features

  • X12 LTE modem 
  • Quick Charge 4 compliance 
  • Bluetooth 5 
  • USB Type-C with 3.1 speed compatibility 
  • An improved Spectra 160 ISP with EIS 3.0 
  • 2×2 WiFi, and the company’s Hexagon 642 DSP unit with All-Ways Aware technology and HVX. 

All this combines and give the consumers improved support for dual camera, hardware and enhanced image processing capabilities such as optical zoom and Clear Sight sensor arrangements, eye tracking, and depth mapping.

Battery life has also received some extra attention, with Qualcomm suggesting that the 660 users can use extra 2 hours of battery life when compared to the 653.

Snapdragon 630

Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 is the successor of snapdragon 625 processor.It is not as rich as snapdragon 660 but it offers many enhanced features than snapdragon 625.The chip here is also built on a 14nm process and pin is compatible with modem.

The Snapdragon 630 have the same octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 configuration. Here the speed is 2.2 GHZ clock speed which is 10% boost to performance over 625.

The main difference between Snapdragon 630 and Snapdragon 625 is shown below

1. CPU

Snapdragon 630 : 4x Cortex-A53 at the speed of 2.2GHz
Snapdragon 625 : 4x Cortex-A53 at the speed of  1.8GHz

2. GPU

Snapdragon 630 : Adreno 508 (Vulkan API)
Snapdragon 625 : Adreno 506

3. Co-processors

Snapdragon 630 : Hexagon, All-Ways Aware, Spectra 160 

Snapdragon 625 : Hexagon, All-Ways Aware, 2x ISP

4. LTE

Snapdragon 630 : X12 LTE , 600Mbps down, 150 Mbps up, 3x20MHz CA, up to 256-QAM
Snapdragon 625 : X9 LTE , 300Mbps down, 150Mbps up, 2x20MHz CA, up to 64-QAM

5. Bluetooth

Snapdragon 630 : 5
Snapdragon 625 : 4.2

6. Quick Charge

Snapdragon 630 : 4.0
Snapdragon 625 : 3.0

7. Process

Snapdragon 630 : 14nm
Snapdragon 625 : 14nm

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