Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How to add more members in Whatsapp

How To Add More than 256 members on Whatsapp Group and How to send more than 16mb video files on whatsapp
Whatsapp Messenger Proprietary cross-platform instant messaging client for smartphones that operates under a subscription business uses internet to send text messages,images,videos,user location and audio messages other users usingstandard cellular mobile numbers.
        1.Whatsapp Messenger
        2.Es File Explorer 
        3.Android mobile with ROOT
AccessLet see how to add more than 100 members :*
Download whatsapp messenger and es file explorer from given links*.
After Download install both apps (if already install just update )*.
Close Whatsapp messenger app and Force stop it Settings -> Apps -> Running Services -> Whatsapp -> Force stop*.
Open ES File Explorer *.Menu -> Root Explorer *.Mount "RW"*.Now go to this location
/data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefsopen com.whatsapp_preferance.xml
using ES note edtior*.
Click edit icon and find this line
<int name="participation_size_limit"value="256" >*.
Now Change "256" into"10000"*.
Also find this line
<int name="media_limit_mb" value="16mb"/>*.
Now change "16" into"90"*.
Save File and Close it *.
Open Whatsapp Messenger app now you can send more than 16mb video files and also add more than 256 members on whatsapp messenger application*.
I hope this information was very helpful for you:) keep sharing