Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How to charge Phone faster....

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Tips –
1. Always use original cables, yes it disturbs your charging, Although they haveuniversal fittings but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t bad for your phones.
2. Put the phone in airplane mode  while charging.  Airplane mode blocks any type of wireless radiations on your device thus, prevents your phone from reducing  capabilities and therefore stopping it from wasting conducted electricity.Must Checkout –The secret behind success of WhatsApp
3. Avoid using phone while charging, It lessens the power of your phone. You can let your phone charge 20% faster by doing this.Also Read –The History of Android
4. Never charge your phone from PC or laptop. Because the energy consumption of your phone is less as compared to your PC or laptop.  It ca also damage your phone’s battery.
5. Turn off GPS Navigation, WiFi and Bluetooth for faster Charging.
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  1. I tried all these is truly working...My phone now charges faster than before and it's battery life has also increased

    1. Thankyou Soo Much Pratibha....Do Share our Posts with ur friends....I M Very Happy to Help Happy People...