Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How To Repair Corrupted Memory Card(Only 2 Min)

If Your SD Card Has Corrupted Due To Any Reason,Read And Repair Your SD Card.If your SD card (external memory) is unreadable,corrupted, damaged, or has some kind of error you should first do a Check Disk within a MS Windows command prompt.
You need to eject (take out) your SD card from your device (phone, camera, etc) and insert it into your computer.
Then to go a command prompt (click on start menu, then type in CMD in the in the search box)
Type: chkdsk /x /f e:
If above does not work then type “chkdsk e: /f”  The letter E is my removable drive where my sd card is in. You may be in different drive ex., F, G?
After check disk is is complete chances are yourback in biz.
Make sure you copy all your stuff to a folder on your computer then format your cardand move everything back. It may be wise to keep a copy on your computer too just in case.
Note: This will not work for all you you. If you get an error message from check disk with something about RAW files then checkdisk will not work. However, you may try to eject and keep reinserting your sd card until it can read your card, meaning it wont say it is a RAW file. Small chance but it this has worked before. If this does not work you can look for programs that can retrieve this files that have been corrupted or even deleted or formatted. I don’t recall the program i used last time for this but i got back like 80% of the videos and photos i hadon the sd card.