Friday, 17 June 2016

How to see or save Any website Offline

Hello My Dear Friends, Sorry I m Little busy thats why i didnot post anything 1-2 Days But Now I am Back With A Superb trick...

Nower Days i saw Many Of Have Wifi's In there Home or workplace but in this Many of want to access some websites Offline....So i decided to post like that....

Software / Apps to save Offline ::

Offline Downloder Software for Windows : Click Here


Httrack software for Android and Windows download : Click Here

Steps to Save Offline ::

For Oflline Downloader Software ::

1) Open tHe software And Enter The Link

2) After Set The Location fot where to save

3) Now you are done.

For Httrack Android App ::

1) Download the app And Open.

2) Enter the link and Click On start

3) Now It will done in 2-3 minutes upon ur network speed

Another Wanted Method ::

Download Uc Browser Mini app :: Click Here

Click on menu and swipe right and click on save

You have done but in this method only one page will be save.

Keep visiting...