Monday, 13 June 2016

Make your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Hello Friends, Good Morning I am Come with new Trick to make your Laptop Battery Last Longer... Nower Days I saw that most persons have the battery Draining Problem so now i decided to for that....

Lets Start....

How to Improve Battery Life ::

1) Donot Charge External Devices From Your Laptop like Mobiles And Tablets.

2) Use Company's Charger Dont Use China's Charger it will damage Your laptop.

3) Disable Wifi And Bluetooth When they are in not use.

4) Never Use Laptops While Charging.

5) Use dim Brightness.

6) Disable Flash And Screensaver If u are using them.

7) Donot Use widgets.

8) Close Ur Program when that are not in use

9) Avoid High Graphics Games Videos.

10) Use less Multitasking.

11) Kepp it Cool. because Heat is the Enemy Of Lapie.

12) Use Fan Cooling Kit

If you Use Some of above Tips I am giving Grantee that u will see the improvement in ur Battery..

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  1. :)...Thanks for the post... really in need of this information...:)

  2. ^_^ Thankyou Soo Muchh Visting.... :ng