Friday, 3 June 2016

New Ads seeing App...

How to get the offer

1. Install Taft Recharge ▶▶ CLICK HERE
2. Open the app and click REGISTER.
3. Enter all details and put thereferal code : 8490924384
4. Now verify your mobile number.
5. Now wait for a sms account approvedYour account is verified and fully activate now. your username and Referral code is 8490924384 and password is ********
6. After that only you can LOG IN in the app.
U will get 5₹ Singup Bonus...
7. After login, you can see ads click on it and it will open play store or web browser.
8. Keep it open for 20 seconds then come back to the app.
There are 6-7 ads per day....
Aftet thr limit of ads u will get massage that "you have reached the limit of clicks fortoday OR you reached max limit In the app."
"Note = Minimum Recharge Amount Rs.10 And 500₹ minimum for Bank Recharge"
Refer And Earn
1. Your referral code is your mobile number
2. Refer and earn up to 7 level