Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How to Protect your Pendrive With a Password Without any Software

Hello friends, I Am Again Back With A fabulous Trick...Today I Will Show Ypu How to Protect Your Pendrive With Password Without Any Software... And How to Remove The Password... This Method Is 100% Safe And Risk Free If you forgot The Password Than You Can Also Easily Recover the data So...Lets Start This Fabulous Trick....

How To Protect Pendrive With Password..

1) First Of all Insert Your Pendrive into Pc..

2) Then Left Click On Pendrive And click On Turn On Bitlock.

3) Now One Window Will Appear Now Tick The Use A Password To Unlock The Drive..

4) Now Enter Password And Confirm The Password Again..

5) Now Click On Next.

6) Now it will say you to set Up The Recovery..

7) There Will be 3 Option I Will Suggest you to click On 2 Option...Which To save your Password Recovery As File...

8) Now Save That File Anywhere And Then Click On Next.

9) Now One Message Box Will Appear That Encryption Complete And The Icon Of Pendrive Will be changed...

10) Now Whenever You will Insert Pendrive Anywhere it will Ask You For Password.

How To Remove The Password..

1) Now Unlocke The Password Of Pendrive.

2) Now left Click On Pendrive..

3) Now Click On Manage Bitlocker.

4) Now One Window Will Appear Now At The You Will see One Option That Turn Of Bit Lock

5) Click One that And Now You will one message That Decryption Complete

6) Hurrah! You finally Locked or Unlocked Pendrive...If you Havr any queries or questions you can ask below...

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  1. Won't it ask for password while decryption??

  2. Otherwise anyone can decrypt it

  3. Obviously We Have to first Insert the password and then and then we will able to Remove the password