Wednesday, 27 July 2016

How to Change The Processor Name in Computer

Hello, My Dear Friends, Whats Going On! I am again Back With A Fabulous Trick...Today i will show that, How to Change Your Pc/Lapie Proceser Name...Means We Will change the name only it will not affect on Processing... With this trick you can easily Prank Your Friends...You can Give your User Defined Name Like Example Sindhzz Core 😜

So Lets Start The Prankirious Trick...

How to Change the Processor Name:

1) Goto Run Menu By Pressing Windows_key + R

2) Now Type regedit in Run Box..

3) Now One Box Will Appear Just Click on Yes.

4) Now Simply Goto Below Location:


5) Goto This Location by Left Menu In Regedit.

6) Now In Central Processor There will be 4 Folders Simply Goto 0 Folder...

7) Now Click 0 Folder And There You will Find Processor_name_String.

8) Simply Double Click On That...

9) Now One Box Will be appear Simply Change The Processor Name With Higher Processor Or Your Processor..

10) After Changing Click On Ok.

11) Thats it! You are done. you Have Successfully Change the Processor Name.

12) Now Right Click On My computer And Goto Properties Now there you will see the Changed Name Of your Processor..

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