Sunday, 31 July 2016

How to Stop Someones Computer to access the Internet Or say Kill The Internet

Hello Friends, I Am Againg Back with A PadNote Tricks Means Notepad Trick...Today I will Tell You that How to Freeze Someones Internet By Just A Simple Notepad Code...

In this You will Just Stop Someone Ip to be created if Ip will not created By Sytem Then internet will not work...So this is Simple Notepad code to off The Someones Internet Access..

How to Stop Someones Internet Access...

1) First Of All Open The Notepad..

2) Now juts Paste Bellow Code ::

offIpconfig /release

4) Now save the File As Fun.bat..

5) Now Give That File to victim and say to run that File...

6) If he/she Runs that then he/she not able to access the Internet..

7) Now how to Disable the Above Code ::

8) Just Paste below code and Run that Thats it!

offIpconfig /renew

Thank-you Keep Visiting...