Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Elgoog.im : Want fo Fun With Google! 10+ Google Mirror Tricks. You May Never Know

Hello my dear friends...As we all have a one stop solution called "GOOGLE"...Any problem and we directly open Google and it solves our problem...It happens many times in a day...So we sometimes feel little boring with the same interface every time...Am I right or not?? So here I bring you a Superb Hidden Trick of Google...Very few people know about this...Google have many different interfaces to work with...as offcourse Google's services are out of our thinking...So come let's start

Note : I Perfer You to Use Chrome Browser Because It is Not Working iN Some Browsers...And From Menu Click On Request Desktop Desktop Site...For Better view Use Computer And Laptop... I Am 100% Sure That This Trick will rock...

First of all you have to write http://elgoog.im in your url bar

Now it will give you results of different interfaces you can work with...



This interface will make you feel you are searching in water and all your words will float.It Is One The Superb Trick..That Will Shock You even I Am Also Shock...

2) Gravity


In this interface you have to find search input and to write your words...This Will Give The Efect Of Gravity... It will Give You the Effect That You r in Space..And Searching In the google..



This will make your search engine a TERMINAL...This Will show the google In efect Of Terminal.. When There Is No GUI than This type Of Efect We Were Saying.. In browsers...



This will make your Google logo...i.e (google doodle) a pacman game u can also play that game but in your computer only...And You can also Run In Android or IOS Devies By Taping On The Screen...



And finally...my favorite one...This one is really superb... here you can play melodious tunes using again that doodle only...but yes in computer only...some tunes are provided by Google only...there is a procedure to play guitar

You have to press a small button given in a doodle after that ur keyboard will work for tune alphabets only and that will play tune for u...



Again,a different game i.e snake game

Here u can play a snake game and yes only in computer And Andriod Also...So Lets See The Google Snake Game...



Here,you see different superb sceneries of the country you select...It Is Simple Bing Image Searcher...Just Have A Look...



This gives us our IP address we are working on and it also tells us about our geolocation(i.e where we are on our earth)

With every small info(lattitude,longitude..etc)



Here, everything you write reverts(reverse) back and makes us feel that we are seeing inthe mirror...This Will You The Opposite Of Bing Means Not That Opposite.. it Will Show u Feel That Your Are Working On Mirror Of Bing Means.. just Have A Looo Its Just Awesome...

So...This was a small tour of Google's different faces...I hope you enjoyed it...The All The Facilities Or say The Funny Facilities Are available On The http://elgoog.im ...We Can also Say That is China's Google😂😂...Because the URL its Self Is The Mirror Of Google... google --> elgoog So Share This With Your Friends And Shock Them....

Thankyou Pratibha Hotwani.
For Sharing This Trick With Us...

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