Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How to Send One Message To Lots Of People and Multiple Groups...

Hello My Dear Friends,What's Going On!..Are U Looking Fot The tricks That In which You can Send One Message To Multiple Groups and Person By On click...It is very difficult To send The One The msg Tp Many Groups In WhatsApp So Now I Have Found The New Tricks..Basically I didn't Find that It is Inbuilt In Whatsapp...Soo I Decided To share this with you people... First Of All Of You are Using...Waprime WhatsApp Or Other older Whatsapp So first Backup your Data Of WhatsApp And uninstall That WhatsApp Because you need 2.16.225 Version Of WhatsApp Bcz It is Latest Version So If You Have this Version Of Moded WhatsApp Then You R Able To do this trick...It is Basically For Bloggers... Bcz Many Bloggers Ask me this Trick...So Here WhatsApp Include This Trick...So Lets See This Trick.....

How Send Message In Multiple Groups and Persons..

1) First Of all If You Have Any Moded Whatsapp Then Uninstall It..If You have No Moded Whatsapp Then Leave This Step.

**Update : Many Person Are Getting Problem in Latest Version whatsapp So If This trick Not Working In latest Version Than Install This Whatsapp Indigo : [Click here

2) Now Install The Latest Version From WhatsApp : Click Here

3) Now Aftet Installing The Latest Whatsapp From playstore..After Installin That...

4) Open The Whatsapp..Now Type Or Goto That WhatsApp Message Or Open The Image That You want to share.

5) Now Select That Message and Click The Above Arrow Of Forwarding... See In The Below Image..

6) Now As We Selecting Multiple Messages Now The Same We Have To do...Click On Long On the On Chat...And It will be Selected.. now Select By Single Taping.. That's it..If your are confusing See The Below Image..

7) Thats It Now Click On Below Send Arrow To Send The Message To All..Thats It Now You Can Save your Time By Using This Trick...


  1. fake trick ..there is no option to select multiple groups .. after clicking on forward button .

  2. See Bro I Have Attached Thr Screen Shots Also...You cnt Say That It is not working...If not working Then Install Whatsapp Indigo Or GB Whatsapp...Or Latest Version..