Friday, 26 August 2016

Whatsapp Trick - To Make Blank Status And Blank Group Name.

Hello Friends, Some Days Ago I Have Posted the trick, To Send Blank Message On Whatsapp Many Of My Friends Asked The Trick, To Put Blank Status And To Put Blank Group Name. So Finally I Got The Trick To do the same...

Now a days WhatsApp is Removing many bugs from the app, in 2015 we were able to do this trick with a Many Apps Like No word , Balnk Word etc. but Now we can't able to do the I Have Found A Fantastic Trick To Make it possible.

Whatsapp Tricks

Basically it is Not A Trick, It just A Symbol Which Is Not Added in WhatsApp. So that it is showing Nothing Means Blank. But We Can Shock Our Friends With This Trick.

By, This Trick We Can Set The Group Name As a Blank, We Can Set Our Own Name As A Blank, We Can Put Our Status As A Blank.If you Want To Send The Blank Message On Whatsapp Then Goto This Link : Click Here.

So lets, Begin The Trick To Put Group Name And Status As a Blank.

Steps To Put Blank Status And Group Name In Whatsapp

1) First Of All If You Uninstall The Whatsapp And Want to Download! then Install From Here : Click Here.

Bored With Official Whatsapp! want To download WhatsApp Mod Then Go Here.

2) Now Open The Group, Where You Want To Put The Name As A Blank.

3) Now Copy Below Code Or Say The Symbols To Make The Name As a Blank:

⇨ ຸ

If you Don't Able To Copy Then Copy From Below Box.

4) Now Rename The Group Name With This Code.

Whatsapp Tricks

5) Now The Main Trick Is Start Now From The Above Code You Have To Remove The Arrow Sign (⇨).If You Are Getting Confused Then See The Below Image :

Whatsapp Tricks

6) Means Now There Will Be Only The Symbol Which Is Similar To
Comma. Now Save The Group Name Thats It!

Hurrah! now You Can Shock Your Friends By Doing This Trick..

If You Want to Make The Status As A Blank Then Do The Above Same In Status Box. Means Remove The Arrow Sign And Save The Status With The That Comma Sign..That's it..

If You Find Any Query Or Getting Confused Then Feel Free To Ask Us.
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