Sunday, 30 October 2016

{Life-Time-Trick-Added}Call Anyone From Any Number Fully Hacked - Most Awaited Trick

Hello My Dear Friends, This is Mohit Tanwani, The Title is 100% True, I am Back With a Most awaited trick, in this trick i will tell how to call anyone from any no Example you can call your girlfriend from his dad No Also.. It is Just Awesome May This Trick Will 100% Shock You as I am Fully Shocked I Even Can't Imagine About This Type Of Tricks Before Starting This Trick I Will suggest you to share this trick with your all friends and shock them and it is also helpfull for us... so are you ready let's get started...

- Thing Which is Required -

1) Android Mobile( Unrooted Also)

2) Fake Call App (Link Given Below)

3) Parallel Space App ( For Multi-time)

- APP Introduction  -

Fake your phone number or caller id!
Out of the office but wish to appear in the office? Fake call will take care of this for you.
Use a fake call to get yourself out of sticky situations
-schedule fake call
-quick fake call
-show history of faked calls
-invite friends via facebook to join fake call
-change your voice to Deep Male in fake call
-change your voice in fake call to Female
You get free test credits to test the application

- How to Call From App  -

1) Download The App From Here : Click Here

2) Now Open The App, In this App No need of any Registration.

3) Now you will see The dashboard Like Below Image...

4) In First No Text-Box You Have To Write The Number Which You want to display In Victim's Phone Ex. 919898989898

5) And Next text Box You Have to Write Victim's Mobile No, On Which You Want to Call.

6) After Writing Now Click On Dial And You Also On The Speaker.

7) Now In 1-2 Second Call Will Be Connected And You Also Talk.

- What is Limitation  -

1) You Will Get Only 1 Minute For Calling..

2) Wait don't Be Sad We Have Trick...

- Trick To Remove Limitation  -

1) Download Parallel Space App From Here : Click Here

2) Now Simply It Will Show You Some Instruction Just Avoid That.

3) Now Add Fake ID App in Parallel Space.

4) Hurrah! You Again Got The Credits You Can Do this Again To Get Unlimted Credits..

5) And Rooted Phone User Can Change Andriod ID And IMEI TO Get Unlimted Credits.

6) That's It.

- Life Time Trick  -

1) If You Have Used That Parallel Space App Minutes.

2) Then Here is the Tricks to Re-gain The Minutes, Just Go to settings > Apps And Fine The Parallel Space App.

3) Now Just Clear Data Of Parallel Space OR you Can Also Uninstall the app.

4) Now Install it again if you have uninstalled it, if you didn't uninstalled then skip this step.

5) Now Open The Parallel Space App And Add The App Again.

6) Hurrah! You Have Again Get The Minutes..

7) Do this Unlimited times And Loot The App.

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  1. I don't get credit in parallel space

    1. Hey Tanmay,

      Sometimes it happens.. Try with another mobile because we can't do anything.. Because it is a bug..