Monday, 31 October 2016

Chrome Browser All Hidden URLs At One Place - Must See

Hello My Dear Friends, This is Mohit Tanwani, Today I have found something hidden.. i.e list of urls of chrome browser, like...sometimes we are clicking on settings in chrome then  chrome://settings/ is opened...This is known by some peoples and some are unknown to it, So Today I Am Back with all Hidden Urls of chrome...

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008, for Microsoft Windows, and was later ported to Linux, OS X, iOS and Android. Google Chrome is also the main component of Chrome OS, where it serves a platform for running web apps.

First of URL is the short form of Uniform Resource Locator.. Basically these urls are .html files and folder which is inbuilt in chrome..When we are installing Chrome browser these will automatically get stored in Secondary Storage i.e. Hard-Disk..

By These URLs we can know the version, history , cache and some internal information. So I Think This Will Be very important for every person to know... If you are in computer or technology field than you must see this.. I Know that it is little boring but for developing apps and software you have to know about these basics settings..

So Let's Get Started..

- Chrome Hidden URLs -

1)  chrome://chrome-urls :

This URL is the Grand-Father URL which Containing All The URLs means you can see all urls in one page and by this you don't have to memorize all the URLs.

2)  chrome://appcache-internals :

It will Show you some internal App-caches means that little little logos and images etc.

3) chrome://apps :

It will Give you list of google apps. which we can run in chrome browser like youtube gmail etc.

4)  chrome://blob-internals :

This Will Show the information about activated tabs.

5)  chrome://bookmarks :

This Will show you your saved Bookmarks in The Browser

6)  chrome://cache :

This Will Show you All Saved Cache of ALL Time.

7)  chrome://chrome :

This Will Tell You About current working browser information means the version etc.

8)  chrome://crashes :

This Will Give you crashing reports like when the last crash is done with time and date details.

9)  chrome://downloads :

This will Show you all Download Current Downloading flies And Also Old Downloaded Files in one page.

10)  chrome://dns :

This Will Give The All URLs or say the websites that you have opened earlier, With its load times dns count etc.

11)  chrome://extensions :

This Will Give All The Extensions List Which you have enabled and by this you can also remove extension which you don't want.

12)  chrome://help :

This will Redirect you to about page and this page you can report the issue and check fot the update.

13)  chrome://history :

This Will Give The history of sites that you have visited and you can delete your history also.

14)  chrome://policy :

This Will Show the Privacy Policy of Chrome Bwoser.

15) chrome://newtab :

This Will Open A New Tab in Browser.

16)  chrome://print :

By This You Can Print the  Current opened page.

17)  chrome://settings :

This Will Open The Settings Of Chrome Browser Most Probably Every One Is Aware of this URL.

18)  chrome://terms :

Same As Privacy Policy it will Show Terms of Use of Chrome Browser.

19)  chrome://version :

This is ultimate, This will give you the total details of current chrome browser.

There Are Many Others URLs Available You can See That in this url chrome://chrome-urls/ .And There Are Many URLs For Debuggers so That are...

  • chrome://badcastcrash
  • chrome://crash
  • chrome://crashdump
  • chrome://kill
  • chrome://hang
  • chrome://shorthang
  • chrome://gpuclean
  • chrome://gpucrash
  • chrome://gpuhang
  • chrome://memory-exhaust
  • chrome://ppapiflashcrash
  • chrome://ppapiflashhang
  • chrome://quit/
  • chrome://restart/
So I Hope You Have Enjoyed It..Thank-you. Don't Forget To Share.