Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Latest 5 Android Apps Of October 2016 - Must Try Once

Hello My Dear Friends, Today I Am Going to share some latest and useful apps that you should try.. and now i will share every week new apps list with its use.. and maybe some of the apps will be very useful for you.. Maybe below apps are not launched in October but now these are trending and also these are useful.. and before starting the post i want to clear one thing, " The Below Apps are not developed by me or our team , I am not promoting these apps" I am just Sharing new trending apps...

So Lets Get Started..

1) Hexlock : Download Link : Click Here

This App is alternate of App Lock but better than App Lock By This App You Can Lock Any App Like gallery, WhatsApp,Facebook etc And in latest update it also updated new feature that, we can hide our images in the app means it will created new hidden folder and change the extension new your storage which will not visible in gallery or any app.

Play Store Review : 4.3/5.0
Android : 4.0 And More.
Downloads : 1000,000 - 5000,000.
Total Reviews : More Than 45000.
Download Link : Click here

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2) Battery History : Download Link :  Click Here

This App is showing the time which a mobile is taking, during the charging Like Example If you are putting your phone in charging on 0% or 1% than it will show the time that will taken to go to 2% 3% and so on and it will show you the every percentage time that will taken by phone..

So You can monitor the battery usage status using phone.
This app is developed for realizing the habits make the battery save.

Features :
1. Time when changed battery, time required to drain or charge
2. Every when replace battery, it shows as a Toast on the top left.
3. sharing battery's log information

Play Store Review : 4.4/5.0
Android : 2.2 And More.
Downloads : 10,000 - 50,000.
Download Link : Click here

3) FlimoraGo -Video Editor : Download Link : Click here

This App is Alternative of Viva Video Player but it is not putting any water mark and also it is also giving you time limit for making video it is totally free video editor but some themes and clip arts are "in app purchase" but it is superb app i have personally testes this app.
You can created video in just 2 steps:1) Choose The Pictures that you want in video.2) Choose theme and music and click On Save.That's it.

Play Store Review : 4.4/5.0
Android : 4.2 And More.
Downloads : 1000,000 - 5000,000.
Total Reviews : More Than 53000.
Download Link :Click here

4) Status : Download Link : Click Here

This App is use for customizing the Status_bar(Notification Bar) And One Awesome Thing is that, It is doesn't Need any Root Access and it is totally free. This is GOLDEN app for 4.2 And Up User because they can feel the Lollipop And Marshmallow Status Bar Effects. and we can also change the icons and its alignments..

Play Store Review : 4.2/5.0
Android : 4.2 And More.
Downloads : 1000,000 - 5000,000.
Total Reviews : More Than 3000.
Download Link : Click Here

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5) Taskbar : Download Link : Click Here

This App Is used for Multi-tasking purpose, like who have many apps and bored with switching app one by one than it is best app for you.. it is providing a little floating icon on left side( You can change the position) and in that icon you you can add a menu and apps, from that you can easily access any app and switch between apps when you want.

Play Store Review : 4.3/5.0
Android : 5.0 And More.
Downloads : 50,000-100,000.
Total Reviews : More Than 900.
Download Link : Click Here

SOURCE : Google Play Store