Friday, 30 December 2016

How to Find Unlimited Whatsapp Group Invite Links

How to Find Unlimited Whatsapp Group Invite Links - Now a days Whatsapp is the biggest trending Messaging app...From whatsapp we can do trading, advertise and we can viral any message. In whatsapp Groups are the biggest way to promote something because as of now whatsapp has introduced its group linking system from which we have to give only the group invite link from that link any one can join that group... So now its get easy to make a chain.. and this has just become like facebook group...

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Now many people started whatsapp advertisement.. Many bloggers like me have started Whatsapp Broadcast service... and many traders and retailers have started E-marketing means now they promoting there goods by whatsapp...
But there are many less number of groups available to join..but today i have found a fantastic way to find unlimited Whatsapp Group Links..
Now you can easily promote your youtube channel & website and can get a huge traffic.

 - How to Get Unlimited Group Links (Android) - 

1) First of all Download This Android App : Click here to download

2) Now  There is no need of any Registration.

3) You will get Demo Just Skip That.

4) Now you are in Dashboard.

5) You will see Many Categories like, Technology , Science, Jokes, Entertainment Etc.

6) Just Click on Any Category and there you will find Group Names.

7) Just Click on Any Group and now you will get Join Whatsapp Group Button Just Click on That.

8) Now You will be Redirected to Whatsapp and Again you will get popup to join Group, Just Reconfirm That.

9) That's it, Now You can join unlimited Groups By this Trick.

- Trick for Non-Anroid Users-

1) Just Goto This Website : Click Here

2) There you will get a list of whatsapp Groups just click on any group.

3) now you will see The Join Whatsapp Group Button; now you will be redirected to Whatsapp.

4) Now do this step again and again to get unlimited whatsapp groups.

- How to Promote your Whatsapp Group -

1) Open the App or website; In Dashboard you will see Add Whatsapp Group Button.

2) Just Click on that, and Enter Your Group name and Group link.

3) Thats it. Now your group is live on app or website.

- Application info -

Name : Groups For Whatsapp
Rating : 4.0/5.0
Downloads : 1lac
Developer : G.M.E.
Download Link : Click Here

- App Limitation -

1) You will get only 6 views per day Means you can only Join Maximum Six Groups in 12 hours.

- Limitation Solution -

1) Download The Parallel Space App : Click Here

2) And Clone The Group Invites App.

3) And Use The App, After Limit.

4) Uninstall The Parallel Space and Reinstall it.

5) Now Re-clone The Group Invites App.

6) And use the app and do the process unlimited times.

7) you can also use the Website Method There is no Limitation as of now.

Thank you I Hope you have understand the whole Article,If Still any doubts? Don't Forget to Comment Below..


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