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How to Make Android Look Exactly Like iPhone

How to Make Android Look Exactly Like iPhone? - The same question i have heard many times from my friends, So Today I will Show you The Full Guide To Make Your Phone Same As Iphone, By this Method we will get the features of Android And Look And Feel Of Iphone..

We always try to make our phone more attractive, and as we all know that, The IOS's UI is the most attractive UI than others... Basically Why IOS Is attractive? Because of Its Launcher, Camera , Lock screen etc. - So there are many apps available, from that apps we can easily make our Android Phone same as iPhone...

Before starting the tutorial i want to clear some things..
Any App (from Below) is not being promoted by us.
Some Apps may make your phone slow.
All things here, are only for educational purposes.

So Let's get Started.

- How to Make Your Android -> iPhone - 

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1) Wallpaper :

First impression of iPhone is Wallpaper.. Wallpaper is not a big deal, you can get wallpapers from any search engine to get perfect wallpaper search these keywords : " iphone hd wallpapers ".
Direct Google Link : Click Here 

2) IOS Launcher : 

Launcher is the most important thing, to make your Android same as iphone. you may see many apps of iPhone Launcher, But the Best One is here, this launcher is of IOs 10. And this Launcher also icons are same as ios.

* Simple, lightweight
* Smart widgets: dynamically desktop Clock & Calendar icons like os
* Smooth phone home Screen Transition Effects
* Auto-sort your apps into folders
* One key boost to make your phone fast and clean.
* os9 os10 style Notification of app icons
* Support lots of wallpapers and live wallpaper
* Flexible theme options, like os,phone, marshmallow, and 3rd party Launcher Themes support coming soon!
* Lots of icon package with 6 plus launcher / os launcher, marshmallow , flat style .
* Suport hiding apps
* Highly customizable options, like customizable icon rows, icon columns, icon size, text size, text color

* All for free.
Direct Download Links : Click here

3) IOS Lookscreen :

This is another important thing.. This is Lockscreen App, With this app we can set slide lock screen with the passcode. and there are many other things like change date format, wallpapers etc. it is good enough to make your phone attractive .

Features :
* OS 10 design
* Notification Lockscreen supports SMS/MMS or any app notifications
* Wallpaper HD for lock screen
* Widget version compatible with Android 7 ( nougat ) lockscreens
* Compatible with all messaging application ( goSms , imessenger ... )
* Option to wake screen after receiving a new SMS or Email
* Smooth animations when adding notifications
* Fast response and low-power
* Smart control and music control
* Display time and weather on lockscreen
* Raise to wake screen on
* Wake to unlock display screen on

Direct Download Link : Click Here

4) IOS Control Center :

Are you Remembering That Notification Panel (control center), that we are pulling up from end..
Yes So this is the control center Which will give you the same thing in your Android Phone.
Features :
* Set Custom Widgets
* Set Music Option.
* Control Brightness
* Easy to use.
* Set Widget Of Favourite apps etc.

Direct Download Link : Click Here

5) iNoty :

This App will give you the same notification bar that you may seen in iphone. it will also work same as Android Notification bar.. means you will get every notification as you are getting in Simple Notification Bar..

Features :
* Custom wallpaper support
* Blur Wallpaper in Background
* Customize Career Name
* Get All Notification
* Display Calender
* Display Date And Time Etc.

Direct Download Link : Click Here

So These Are The Basic Apps That Covert Your Android To iPhone..
But The Tutorial Is not over.. there still there things are left, these apps are optional as Android has small capacity of RAM, So i will not recommended to you, but if you have good RAM like 2Gb Or more than you can definitely try below apps..

6) Iphone Camera : 

This will give you the camera interface of Iphone.. And You Can Take Photos from this app and show of in your friend circle.

Direct Download Link : Click Here

7) PhoneBook : 

This is normal contact and phonebook app with os9 style, it has all function of a contact app with some new features of Phone 6s. Phonebook contact style OS9 show many section, favourite where you can save the recently use phone number and contact. Recent for dial and missed call. Contact to show all contacts in your android phone with the design of os9. Keypad to call a number or save . All of them are design with os 9 style.

Direct Download Link : Click Here

8) iMessenger :

iMessenger OS10 for Android is build to be replace your default message app . iMessenger - Messaging unifies all of your personal and business communications in one place . Send and Receive messages regardless of lots of communications type.

Direct Download Link : Click Here

So This was the All-in-one tutorial to make your Android Look Like an iPhone.
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