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Top 5 hacking apps for non-rooted devices

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Hacking apps for non-rooted phone? That's quite weird but, that's possible means we can use some apps in non-rooted phone also, so today i will list out hacking applications for Non-rooted users..

But If you have rooted device than, No Problem you can use below apps in rooted phone also..
Before starting let's start basics.
What Do you mean by Hacking, Unethical Access to particular system or device;Or we can say gain unauthorized access to data in a system or computer.
So in simple terms we can say that, unauthorized access, Now by Hacker you mean , The Person Who Do the hacking yes!

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There are two types of hacker Ethical and Unethical. So if person do hacking in illegal way than that person is Unethical hacker; and if person do hacking in legal way than that person is Ethical Hacker..
Today I am gonna tell you some Hacking Apps, not Basically Hacking but some Smart apps... and all the apps are given below are just only for Educational purpose only..

- Hacking Apps -

1) Cryptography :

One the most useful and awesome app, in this app you can encode your password and store that for future use means ex: If you give input of "Hello world" than the app will give some other decoded code; it's look like : "adjsd/ss/09".

Than you can send that code to anyone and no one see the actual password or text.
To Encode the Decoded Text you can use that code, and covert the unreadable text in readable form.

Features :
  • Checksum Tool
  • Hash Cracker 
  • Password Strength tool
  • Frequency Analysis
  • ASCII Table
  • Text <-> Binary 
  • INT <-> Binary 
  • PRNG Tool Etc.
You can Also Send Messages with your friends in app, but your friend also need this app to receive the message.

Download Link : Click Here
Rating : 4.6/5.0
More than one lac Downloads.

2) Lucky Patcher :

By This App You can Hack In App Purchase Apps, and remove the limitation you can purchase pro version, and if you have Rooted App than you can Make Mod apps easily like; might you have played Subway surfers Unlimited coins app than, you can create your own mod..
And there is many feature you can check out by your self, you will be shocked..

Download Link : Click Here

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3) PixelKnot :

This also Superb App, Here you can Encrypted any image file and that look same as Simple image but if you add that image in this app than it will ask the password and the password matchs than it will show you the encrypted image.

Download Link : Click Here
Ratings : 4.0/5.0
More Than 1 Lac downloads

4) APK Editor :

This is Just Awesome app for Developers.. if you want to Directly Recompile and Compile The apps, Than this app is for you this app directly de-compile app and you can edit internal file and change the name icons and java file and you can easily re-compile that app also..

Download Link : Click Here
Ratings : 4.0/5.0
More Than 50 Lacs Downloads.

5) ID Faker :

You can Call Any one from any mobile no - for this app i have given a particular post. if you have missed that than you can Check from this link : Click Here

Thankyou So much if you want full post for any app or if you confused with any app than comment below, we will try to explain you or we will create particular post for that.


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