Tuesday, 10 January 2017

What is Tor Browser? is it useful?

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Hello Friends !! Today I will Share something for your security...By Security,I mean everything we do on our internet network using smartphones,computer,or else any plateform...the thing is what we do is not safe...Sometimes we do search for something which should not be leaked for example we do net banking which requires our account passwords or we do some personal talks with our loved ones which should not be leaked with some other one...All we do on our browser can be hacked by any other person easily by our internet address...So, now the question will come into your mind how can we become secure...??? Let's see in detail about this.

1) Virtual Private Network

This is basically a network which is used where a organization have different number of branches and sub-branches.These Networks works on the technology which follows the system of making the private network between the sender and reciever.

For More Information about VPN : Click Here

This Network is not always possible because it is hard to create and the other thing is this method is highly used by big organizations.

2) Tor Browser

My Motto behind today's post is telling you people about the tor browser...Tor(anonymity Network). Basically what we do on our internet is leaked by our ip address. The Tor browser changes our Ip address and hides our identity.

The Full Form for Tor is : The Onion Router

The Process behind doing this is...

  • For Example, we write www.sindhtricks.com in Tor Browser.
  • Tor Browser will break our ip address in different nodes.
  • These Nodes Will be breaked by other nodes.
  • When These nodes will reach the final destination they will give information of only about the start and end of node which will be of some anonymous address. 
  • Thus, By this our original identity and our information at our original IP address remains hidden.
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This Browser is really very helpful and easy to download. 

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