Friday, 24 February 2017

Whatsapp Status Stories - Beta Apk Download

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WhatsApp Status Stories - Finally WhatsApp(beta) launched it's most awaited Update. As we all know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and Facebook also owns Instagram.We all know Instagram has one feature called Stories.Stories are temporary videos that are kept together to form a slideshow gallery. WhatsApp also has come up with this new feature. Facebook's owners were recognizing that Facebook has gained success through it's new new features.Instagram also is at the top in the social media list only because of it's story feeding feature. Originally story was started by Snapchat but Instagram also has copied the feature and now Instagram is rolling in everyone's heart. Recently WhatsApp also given many new emojis which made WhatsApp very attractive. Now, WhatsApp also has updated itself with stories. WhatsApp calls this feature as My Status.

- More About the WhatsApp New Update -

In it's new Update, WhatsApp has also changed its Layout...There are 4 tabs 

1) Live camera which allows us to capture the picture and edit it on the spot.
2) Chat option which was before also which was making us able to chat with other people.
3) Status update, now this is a new feature. WhatsApp  has updated this feature called My Status.
4) Calling Tab which makes us able to call other People.

- How to update your Status (Story) -

1) First of all, You must have the beta Tester Application for WhatsApp. You can Download it from the given Link : Click Here

2) After Downloading the beta tester App, go to the Status Tab.

3) Here, click on the new story pop-up which is on the bottom-right of the screen.

- Features of the Story Update -

1) You can also choose the existing picture from your phone and update it as your story.

2)  WhatsApp also allows us to click the picture at a time with available WhatsApp camera.

3) After setting out picture, you can also make other updations like

  • You can add Emojis available in the WhatsApp, WhatsApp has added other big size Emojis for keeping it in our story.   
  • You can add caption to Your Story.
  • You can also write your text on the picture.
  • There is a feature in which can also make Emoji's color changing.
  • There is a feature called replying to story, This will give the personal message to the story owner which is not to anyone.
  • Snapchat and Instagram's Story is not end to end encrypted, but WhatsApp promises to provide every encryption to your story that is no one without your permission is able to watch your story.    
  • Also there is one option in which You can undo your actions and again set the story.
  • Also, There is a option which allows us see who have viewed our story and how many views are taken.
  • This Story Update will remain up to 24 hours in your account.
Instagram has also one feature which is called Instagram Live, WhatsApp also in future is planning to come up with this new WhatsApp Live feature.


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