Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Digital Hacks for choosing a Secure Password

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"Hacking" have you heard this word ?? Very Often right...We also get little Scary when we think about getting hacked by someone.We have our many important things saved behind "PASSWORDS". What if the password is being hacked by Scammers or Hackers.So,there thousand of ways to trick us and our initial line of defense is "Fortified Password" that they won't be able to crack.

Here are some twirlers for strong and secure "PASSWORD".

Tip #1: PassPhrase

Our initial step is we need a password which is easy to remember and Super Secure.

Now,many of websites allow a space bar as their special character and that means we can use full sentences.So,why use a Password when we can use a Pass-phrase.

For ex : I am 21 !

Something like this is super easy to remember and it covers Capital Letter,lowercase Letter,number and a special character also.If websites do not allow space then you can write without Space. 

Tip #2 : Make Something Believe

Obviously to do some different we need a hard work.A completely Randomized  Password will never be surely hacked.

So,make three columns like   1.who  2.what  3.when

Now fill these columns as who=I am what=going at Mumbai on when=9 march!
simply take the first character of each word and make a super random password.

For ex : IagaMo9M  

 So,this is never gonna be in anyone mind and it becomes super Safe.

Tip #3 : Quotes and Lyrics 

Now, It's something really interesting.Think of your T.V shows and movies.
Take your favorite song line and make it your password.

For ex : I will b there 4U!

Now,this will become your easily remembered line and sometimes Space is not accepted.

Tip #4 : Different Categories 

For making things easy people use the same Password for all their account.This make easy for intruders when they Hack one of the password they get access to all of your account.

Try to differentiate your password into categories.

1.For Money


3. Email

Keep same password for #1 and like this so on.This will help in remembering passwords.

Tip #5 : Variations

For more security You can make relevent changes like for entertainment category you can choose I am 21! 

Now,make changes like for Twitter use I am 21! tw. For Facebook use I am 21! Fa.

Tip #6 : Password Generator

There are some websites which allow us to generate a password. This password is hard to remember and we need to keep this password writen somewhere because it do not relates to anything.

Examples :



Tip #7 : Password Management 

Now, This isn't a Choosing a Password tip.It a example of websites saving passwords for us.

You should once login and with just one click it will allow you to get access to all of ur passwords.

Example :


So,This was small guide on How To Choose Passwords!!