Thursday, 11 May 2017

How to Save Webpage offline in Chrome Browser

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It feels so disgusting when we get some interruption in our work and specially when it's our important work. Sometimes we face the major problem of internet connectivity and we need to download various applications which allow us to do our work Offline.Now with the very same concept Google Chrome has invented it's Offline mode.The Offline Mode allows us to save the link and view the same link when we don't have internet connectivity.

These saved Links are also used on Flight Mode which helps a lot during Travel Sessions.

So, here today i will be posting about How to View webpages Offline in Chrome with detailed step to step guide.

First of all you will have to download the latest version of Chrome Application on Android.

1. Open the Chrome Application and visit the link you want to download. After you have visited long press on the link and you will find an option of download link.

↪  Chrome will ask for Storage Permissions.Click on allow for allowing to store links.

2. You might be in a situation where you suddenly lost your internet connectivity, Well in  that case you will be migrated to "Offline Error Page" and in that situation your Download will be paused and your link will be download next time when you will on internet.

3. When we open the new tab in the Chrome, We get suggestions to view the articles according to our interest.Chrome allows us to download all those articles with just clicking on "Download Link".

         Chrome also ensures that You cannot get confuse between downloaded and not saved Links. It allows us to see those downloaded links with different type of  "Saved Mark".

⇥  Internal Working of Chrome

When we save these links with other Apps like Pocket Saves Links etc, those apps  work  with saving only the text from the website.When we save using Chrome, Links get saved with Websites not only with Links. So, Chrome provides more functionality as we  know Google beats everyone.


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