Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Smartphone's Battery Facts And Myths that you Should Know

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Hey Friends! I am Back with another cool article, Today I am gonna talk about Smart phone Batteries. As I have heard a lot of confusing questions from my friends about the batteries, So Today I will List out each and every Myths of Batteries and some FAQs. So Let's Begin.

1 : Never Leave Battery Plugged In Overnight !

Well, This is Not True now every manufacturer uses Lithium Polymer or Lithium ion Battery so these types are enough smart to figure that when to cut off the Energy, Means now a days when your smart phone goes to 100 % than processor cut the connection from battery and take that power as primary way for work. so this means you can charge your phone overnight, but sometimes it may defect your charging slots if you do this everyday.
Note :- Don't use this tip/myth with Fast Chargers, it can damage you batteries and phone also.

2 : Always Use your Phone till it  15% - 20%

Trust Me, this can give a lot Load to your Processor, Never drain your battery after 15% , because Battery and Processor take more processing when it charges from 0% to 19%. So always use your Phone till 20% Maximum till 15% and that's it and one more thing to be stated here is,always charge your phone till it goes more than 76% Because if you charge full than Battery cells get properly charged and gives you better Battery Backup. But sometimes you may have some urgent work than you may probably Avoid this Tip, But never do this every time.

3 : Can Frequently Top ups is Okay ?

Yes, If you Re-charge your phone when the Battery Level is between 30% -75% than you can do the Re-charge. but when the battery level is greater from 75% than it can harm your phone when you do Frequently top-ups. 

4 : Is Heating in Fast-charger is normal?

Normal Charger uses 1 Amp , 1.5 Amp or Maximum 2 Amp and Pass the Power till 5 Volts, So that is why Normal Phones never get heated but Fast Charger pass the power up to 20 volts and use 4 Amp or More so that can obviously heat the phone, but it is Totally normal, So you don't have to take Tension at all.

5 : Is Non- Removable Battery can't be Replaced ?

Many people think that if non- removable battery get damaged than it can't replaced so this is totally wrong. Every Mobile Care Replace you non-removable battery easily.

6 : Other Myths :-

- After 2 or 2.5 years you may notice that your battery may not gives you the Proper backup so that time you should have to replace your battery.
- Big enemy of Battery is Heat, So Don't Charge your phone in very hot area or place.
- Don't use High end Games while charging.
- Don't Charge your phone over a night in Fast Chargers.

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