Wednesday, 3 May 2017

USB Cable Types and Its Version Explained !

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Now a days you might have heard about the USB Type C, but there are many types available before Type C. So, let's figure out all the types. Before starting the types let's learn about some  history of USB.

USB stand for Universal Serial Bus, Founded in 1996 (21 years ago) and was Designed  by companies such as Compani DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC and Nortel. The main purpose of USB was easy Communication between two devices whether they are small or big.

Some types of USB cables are :-

1) Type A
2) Type B
3) Type C
4) Other Types.

Don't get Confuse between the Types and Versions both have different Concept the types and versions are different things.We can say that one different type can have multiple versions.So before defining the types let's get on versions :-

1) USB 1.0 [ Speed 12 Mbps ]
2) USB 2.0 [ Speed 480 Mbps ]
3) USB 3.0 [ Speed 5 Gbps Also Know As Super Speed]
4) USB 3.1 [ Speed 10 Gbps Also Know As Super Speed 2]

Now, We start about Types of USB.

1. Type A :- This type is the oldest type of USB.

Here is the glimpse  of USB Type A:-

Every computer and chargers have this common type of USB and not only in computers but also every Hardware (Ex. Pendrive) have this Type and data cables are also consists of This type.

2. Type B :- This type is not commonly used in every field but this type of cables are used in some hardwares like Printers and modems etc.

Here is the look of Type B :-

3. Type C :- This type is Latest Evolution, Recently Samsung S8 have also this type of USB. Here in this cable we can insert the connector from any side that is up side down or down side up.

Here is the Image of type C cable :-

Now, the question arises that which type of cable an simple older type of Androids are consisting of. Those are Micro Cables and the kind of Cables used in keypad mobiles are Mini Cables. Both these cables comes in different types.

Here are Pictures of Micro and Mini Cables :-

So this was little overview about USB cables, I hoped you enjoyed this if you have any query about anything or you want to give suggestion let me just know about that in comment section below and to get newly updates  from this site join our Whatsapp Broadcast Service or click the bell icon from Chrome Browser to get notified.