Thursday, 11 May 2017

What is Fuchsia OS and How to Install Fuchsia OS ?

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As Google is always unique, when we talk Google's Inventions about maps, YouTube and a father of everything i.e Google itself - THE SEARCH ENGINE  these are an awesome concept that might not thought by anyone, many months ago google launched its OS that is Chrome OS, there is another OS of google which is being developed by google.That is Fuchisa OS, So, Today's post is everything about this Operating System.

- What is Fuchsia OS ? -

 Google is saying that Fuchsia OS is gonna replace Android, and it is totally minimal and faster than Android Os.By this Line you must get a question that why it is faster than Android? That's because of its Kernel, Android is using Linux kernel where Fuchsia is going to use google's Micro kernel that is Magenta Kernel.

Fuchsia Os is based on flutter, Flutter is the Software development Kit (SDK) , which is also used to develop Android and IOS Applications. Fuchsia has its User interface that is Armadillo. Will talk later about Armadillo in this Article.

Magenta Kernel :-

Linux Kernel Was basically designed for Desktop use, but Android Developers taken the advantage of this kernel and also used this for Small devices, but actually it was getting slower when we were installing huge apps and this was resulting in heating of phone.

So Magenta is based totally on virtual memory, which gives time sharing performance among many applications etc. So Magenta is going to rock soon.

- How to install Fuchsia OS -

1. As I discussed about Fuchsia OS, it uses the Armadillo UI, here we have the Beta UI of Armadillo to Download the UI :- Click Here

2. It is Apk file which is obviously supported in Android.

3. Install that and feel the Fuchsia OS with Armadillo UI.

- About Armadillo -

Armadillo is UI of Fuchsia OS, when you will install the Apk file from above you will see one picture, and when you will go Up than you will see the Slides, basically those are the apps on which by tapping you can open the apps and to do Multi-tasking long press the slides and you will see the Multi window.

When you go Upward you will see that at the bottom there will be a bottom that is home button, whenever you will click on that you will come back to the that picture.
When you click the picture you will see the Quick settings like Airplane mode, sounds adjusters , brightness controller etc.

At the bottom of the Picture you will see the feature like google Okay, that section will gonna reserved for Googles apps.

- Why Fuchsia is better than Android? -

If you use Iphone which is based on IOS and whenever we do the comparison of Android and Iphone always Iphone wins, because IOS is fully stable. so google also wanted the same. so I think Fuchsia definitely will do the best than android.

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  1. oh really, Fuchsia OS is gonna replace Android? i am really amazed at listening to this news. well, if this is true then it will be very interesting for all android users. I am gonna share with others. thankxx

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