Saturday, 1 July 2017

10 Best iPhone Accessories you can buy in 2017

IPhone challenges the smart phone market with every new release. IPhone 7 was a big hit because there were so many attraction factors and unbelievable features introduced to the public with this release that made them love the latest release of IPhone.
For example, when we buy iPhone cover and it is perfect for our need but after sometime we desire for something more, we usually don’t get satisfied with the previous features of cases and covers that is what happened when the latest IPhone was released. It exceeded expectations of users.
Along with new features, there are several new accessories like new designs and feature packed iPhone back cover and case. There is variety available in iPhone function improving gadgets and accessories as well.
It is not really very hard to choose when it comes to IPhone because this is the device that is already present in a part of everyone’s preference aspects. Everyone can find something worth appreciating in iPhone and iPhone 7 is even better in it.

- 10 Best IPhone 7 Accessories of 2017 -

  • Car and Bike Mounts: If you have personal vehicle then you might like to buy car or bike mounts. This will allow you to use basic navigation and other features of IPhone safely in your vehicle. Mounts will work perfectly fine even with iPhone 7 case covers on your device.

  • Running Armbands: If you like to listen music while running then purchase or arm band is one of the best and most convenient choice that you can make. Arm band will keep your IPhone secure in their grip so that you can enjoy music freely without worrying about your IPhone.

  • Screen Protectors: Latest IPhone 7 comes with Retina HD display. This definitely is the best until now but it is also fragile and that is why it is necessary for you to invest some money in screen protectors. You can also invest in iPhone flip covers purchase for additional protection.

  • Docks: If you like to have a dock on your desk for your IPhone so that you can always keep your IPhone on and working then you should consider buying it now because IPhone is offering many choices in docks as well.

  • External Storage: Storage could be a problem in IPhone because there is no option of inserting the SD card. You can only use what you get in the IPhone because internal storage is the only storage you get. However, you can buy a flash drive for external storage purposes.

  • Selfie Sticks: Pictures will definitely be crystal clear when you take them from IPhone. However, when you need to take selfie then you need a selfie stick for proper selfie. Now, you can buy Selfie Stick and take selfies from high quality and crystal clear camera of IPhone.

  • Power Banks: Apple IPhone is a fast functioning and feature packed device which makes it slightly lackey in battery life. However, you can always buy power bank so that you never run out of battery even when you are traveling.


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  1. I think it would be really interesting to have Apple's Smart Connector on the iPhone Plus and with that all the Pro accessories that we could get that supports it. If you're looking for iPhone 7 accessories, Agatton can be a great option for you.

  2. 10 Best iPhone 7 Accessories of 2017, this phone is the best to buy and has the most amazing features and the color of its back. I can't wait to buy this one.