Thursday, 14 June 2018

VivoBook S - A Perfect Performer Which is #BeyondTheEgde by #AsusIndia

A Laptop is everyone's need... Doing sleek things from performing high end tasks like developing a software or code a system, A computer system is a pre-requisite... Without a computer system, It's not at all possible to start and stop. So, the next question is, do we have a laptop or a desktop, if desktop it's not possible to port your work. But if laptop it comes in mind that is it a high-end.?? Is it possible to perform all our tasks seamlessly without interruptions. So, people find it difficult to have a better option in which they get every high-end facility. Starting from companies, every brand is good in there own perceptions. As far as Asus goes, it provides things with combo and less price. Asus has recently launched a new series in which they are giving a combo of particularly best things which help the user in every single possible way to find their solutions of problems from their laptops.

Series goes as VivoBook S :- A Notebook for Performers.

Asus Vivobook s

Following are the features the series highlights.

1) NanoEdge Bezel, 80% screen-to-body Ratio.

A bigger display right!!!! Always a better display. Visualize when you have a screen where there is only your content not body. Will it make your work more easier?? When it comes to getting things done, everyone agrees that a bigger display is a better display, because it makes multitasking easier and entertainment more immersive.The gorgeous 15.6-inch Full HD NanoEdge display has an ultra-narrow 7.52mm bezel that allows it to fit into a svelte chassis that’s much more compact than its rivals.

To increase the watching comfort, the NanoEdge display  has a matte anti-glare panel that reduces annoying reflections. The result is a laptop with an impressive 80% screen-to-body ratio* that minimizes size while helping you maximize productivity — so people can watch and do more.

2) Fast Charging.

Fast Charging!! doesn't it looks Dope?? This notebook charges more than 60% in just 49 minutes giving 8 hours of battery life. Now do your work without interruptions. 

3) Stylish and Powerful with thin and light design.

 A perfect looking laptop with all the features in it is always a eye-catching thing in the market. Asus VivoBook has all of this. With a stylish look its work is more than powerful.

A thin sleek design gives it all. When you carry a laptop it's even lighter than a carrybag.

4) Fingerprint Sensor.

Some laptops are not able to keep their places in the market because of lacking in fingerprint sensors.

A fingerprint sensor does the works on fingerprints.  So, a laptop with a fingerprint does the job on the go.

You can check out products of Asus Vivobook S Series By Clicking Here
Mine Favorite is Asus Vivobook S15 :)


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