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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Whatsapp Group invite links | Join Unlimited Whatsapp Groups

Whatsapp Group invite links | Join Unlimited Whatsapp Groups

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Whatsapp group invite links : Hello Guys, Today I am going to distribute some whatsapp Public group links collection, Earlier i have published some links if you are new here than you should check that out by clicking here. the groups links are mixed with many categories like; Movies group, Free recharge loot groups , gk quiz group and some adults 18+ groups also. so be careful i am not responsable for any harm. And also languages are mixed like, hindi whatsapp groups, punjabi whatsapp groups, tamil whatsapp groups , english whatsapp groups, marathi whatsapp groups etc.By clicking on any linking given below you can join the group, i have not mentioned the name of group as there are a lot of links.

To join the group just click on any link and open  directly in whatsapp or in another tab and there you will find the button on "join group" just click on that and you will be added..

Also I have created the tutorial to Generate or find Unlimted whatsapp group invite links, if you missed that than you can check out here : click here

What are the benifits of joining groups?

Ans:-  If you have facebook page, instagram page,blog,website or youtube channel than you can promote your content in the groups and earn the traffic, also you can promote your products etc.
If you have nothing than, you can earn real money by affiliate marketing and by sharing short links.if you want the article that how to earn via whatsapp than just Comment below that you want the article. if i got handsome amount of comments than i will surely publish the article.

- Whatsapp Group Invite Links to Join -

Note :- Categories are mixed so first check the name by clicking the link and than join, some groups can be full because there are alots of hits in a day.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

How to Download Stories In Whatsapp

How to Download Stories In Whatsapp

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How to Download Stories In Whatsapp - Hello Guys in this article you will find the way for saving the stories in whatsApp or you can say that, How to save stories from whatsApp, So Without any further delay let's move to the article.

So Recently whatsapp announced it's new feature which is stories, Basically stories were developed by Snapchat App, But Instagram copied this feature and now Facebook also, Whatsapp and Instagram are owned by Facebook inc. so the CEO and founder of Facebook inc. Mark Zuckerberg Introduce Stories in Facebook and WhatsApp also. Now in this feature we may say something like this in twitter also.

So Now if every one is Familiar with stories now, than you can see this Article : Click Here
So many a times we need to save the stories, but that is not possible in WhatsApp so we can take the screenshots but for videos and GIF we can't take the screenshots, So today i will tell you how to Save the Stories in WhatsApp.

- How to Save the Stories in Whatsapp -

1) First of all Download this App : Click Here

2) Now you will see the dashboard like Below Image.

3) Now There you will see Three Parts which are :  Recent Stories , Saved Stories and How to use.

4) Now to Save the Story Click on, Recent Stories and there you will find the available stories which are fetched in WhatsApp.

5) And you can also change the mode of video so you will find all the fetched videos.

6) Now to Save the Image or video, select image or video and click on Download Button.

7) To see the saved stories, you can refer Gallery or you can also see in Saved stories section that you will find in dashboard.

- Application Details -

how to download Photo and Video story for WHATSAPP Status Story ? This application will help you to download any Images and Videos which was shared as a story by your contact.

Ask permission from your friends n before you save their status Story :)

Main Features:

☆Download Status
☆Download Story
☆Re-post Status Story of your Contacts
☆save multiple Photo and Video Status stories.
☆Beautiful Ui to manage Saved Stories
☆View and Save your contacts status story without going to viewers list of contact.
☆Inbuilt Story viewer and media player.

IMPORTANT : The "WhatsApp" name is copyright to WhatsApp, Inc. Status Saver for whatsapp is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp, Inc. If you notice that any content in our app violates copyrights than please inform us so that we remove that content.

1. Re-uploading image/video stories and is NOT encouraged, please seek owner approval.
2. This app is not affiliated with WHATSAPP.
3. Any unauthorized downloading or re-uploading of contents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Whatsapp Status Stories - Beta Apk Download

Whatsapp Status Stories - Beta Apk Download

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WhatsApp Status Stories - Finally WhatsApp(beta) launched it's most awaited Update. As we all know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and Facebook also owns Instagram.We all know Instagram has one feature called Stories.Stories are temporary videos that are kept together to form a slideshow gallery. WhatsApp also has come up with this new feature. Facebook's owners were recognizing that Facebook has gained success through it's new new features.Instagram also is at the top in the social media list only because of it's story feeding feature. Originally story was started by Snapchat but Instagram also has copied the feature and now Instagram is rolling in everyone's heart. Recently WhatsApp also given many new emojis which made WhatsApp very attractive. Now, WhatsApp also has updated itself with stories. WhatsApp calls this feature as My Status.

- More About the WhatsApp New Update -

In it's new Update, WhatsApp has also changed its Layout...There are 4 tabs 

1) Live camera which allows us to capture the picture and edit it on the spot.
2) Chat option which was before also which was making us able to chat with other people.
3) Status update, now this is a new feature. WhatsApp  has updated this feature called My Status.
4) Calling Tab which makes us able to call other People.

- How to update your Status (Story) -

1) First of all, You must have the beta Tester Application for WhatsApp. You can Download it from the given Link : Click Here

2) After Downloading the beta tester App, go to the Status Tab.

3) Here, click on the new story pop-up which is on the bottom-right of the screen.

- Features of the Story Update -

1) You can also choose the existing picture from your phone and update it as your story.

2)  WhatsApp also allows us to click the picture at a time with available WhatsApp camera.

3) After setting out picture, you can also make other updations like

  • You can add Emojis available in the WhatsApp, WhatsApp has added other big size Emojis for keeping it in our story.   
  • You can add caption to Your Story.
  • You can also write your text on the picture.
  • There is a feature in which can also make Emoji's color changing.
  • There is a feature called replying to story, This will give the personal message to the story owner which is not to anyone.
  • Snapchat and Instagram's Story is not end to end encrypted, but WhatsApp promises to provide every encryption to your story that is no one without your permission is able to watch your story.    
  • Also there is one option in which You can undo your actions and again set the story.
  • Also, There is a option which allows us see who have viewed our story and how many views are taken.
  • This Story Update will remain up to 24 hours in your account.
Instagram has also one feature which is called Instagram Live, WhatsApp also in future is planning to come up with this new WhatsApp Live feature.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Latest Whatsapp Group invite links to join

Latest Whatsapp Group invite links to join

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Whatsapp Groups are getting more popular, As now anyone can join group with group link...So everyone wants to get more numbers of group, I have already told about the method to get unlimited Group links , But today i am sharing bunch of Latest group links, so you can join group with that link.
I have found 150+ group links to join from.So you just have to click from below links and you will be redirected to Whatsapp and you will be added soon.

Whatsapp is Great medium to promote your brand and you can easily and freely promote your brand with whatsapp group.. and now there is no what are you looking for? just join more and more groups and get lots of huge traffic.

Also Read :
If you don't Know how to create your own Whatsapp Group link, than you can by Below steps..

- How to Create Whatsapp Group Link - 

1. First of all Download Latest Whatsapp From Here : Click Here

2. Now make a group or open a already created group (Ensure that you are admin)

3. Now click on group picture 

4. Now click on Add more Members button 

5. There you will find "Invite via Group link" Click on that and Generate your Link

6. That's it, you have generated successfully now just share that with friends as soon as friends click on the link, he/she will be added to group 

7. Note : you can Revoke your generated link anytime from link generation section.

- Latest Group Links to join -

All Links are for Educational purposes.

Friday, 30 December 2016

How to Find Unlimited Whatsapp Group Invite Links

How to Find Unlimited Whatsapp Group Invite Links

How to Find Unlimited Whatsapp Group Invite Links - Now a days Whatsapp is the biggest trending Messaging app...From whatsapp we can do trading, advertise and we can viral any message. In whatsapp Groups are the biggest way to promote something because as of now whatsapp has introduced its group linking system from which we have to give only the group invite link from that link any one can join that group... So now its get easy to make a chain.. and this has just become like facebook group...

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Now many people started whatsapp advertisement.. Many bloggers like me have started Whatsapp Broadcast service... and many traders and retailers have started E-marketing means now they promoting there goods by whatsapp...
But there are many less number of groups available to join..but today i have found a fantastic way to find unlimited Whatsapp Group Links..
Now you can easily promote your youtube channel & website and can get a huge traffic.

 - How to Get Unlimited Group Links (Android) - 

1) First of all Download This Android App : Click here to download

2) Now  There is no need of any Registration.

3) You will get Demo Just Skip That.

4) Now you are in Dashboard.

5) You will see Many Categories like, Technology , Science, Jokes, Entertainment Etc.

6) Just Click on Any Category and there you will find Group Names.

7) Just Click on Any Group and now you will get Join Whatsapp Group Button Just Click on That.

8) Now You will be Redirected to Whatsapp and Again you will get popup to join Group, Just Reconfirm That.

9) That's it, Now You can join unlimited Groups By this Trick.

- Trick for Non-Anroid Users-

1) Just Goto This Website : Click Here

2) There you will get a list of whatsapp Groups just click on any group.

3) now you will see The Join Whatsapp Group Button; now you will be redirected to Whatsapp.

4) Now do this step again and again to get unlimited whatsapp groups.

- How to Promote your Whatsapp Group -

1) Open the App or website; In Dashboard you will see Add Whatsapp Group Button.

2) Just Click on that, and Enter Your Group name and Group link.

3) Thats it. Now your group is live on app or website.

- Application info -

Name : Groups For Whatsapp
Rating : 4.0/5.0
Downloads : 1lac
Developer : G.M.E.
Download Link : Click Here

- App Limitation -

1) You will get only 6 views per day Means you can only Join Maximum Six Groups in 12 hours.

- Limitation Solution -

1) Download The Parallel Space App : Click Here

2) And Clone The Group Invites App.

3) And Use The App, After Limit.

4) Uninstall The Parallel Space and Reinstall it.

5) Now Re-clone The Group Invites App.

6) And use the app and do the process unlimited times.

7) you can also use the Website Method There is no Limitation as of now.

Thank you I Hope you have understand the whole Article,If Still any doubts? Don't Forget to Comment Below..