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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How to Transfer Paytm Money to Freecharge ,Mobikwik & Oxygen Wallet

How to Transfer Paytm Money to Freecharge ,Mobikwik & Oxygen Wallet

How to Transfer Paytm Money to freecharge, How to Transfer Paytm to Mobikwik, how to Transfer Paytm to Oxygen Wallet, This are The most trending Question which i have heard many times from my visitors.. So Today i am going to be solve these question by simple method..
So if you want to transfer your Paytm money to any wallet than you can do, by this article.
So let's Start..

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- How to Transfer Paytm Money to Any wallet -

1) First Of To do this Process we need Zeta account.. So If First Download the zeta wallet app : Click here.

2) Now we have to transfer Paytm Money to Zeta Wallet for That I Have Made individual post so check that out, it's damn easy..

Post : How to Transfer Paytm Money to Zeta Wallet

3) Now After Reading The Post You may have understand the Whole Process.

4) Zeta is Providing VCC(Virtual Credit Card) Same As Freecharge account.

5) Means Now after transferring Money from paytm to zeta, we can transfer zeta money to any wallet by using That VCC card.

6) Now For Example if i want to transfer money to freecharge so..

7) Open Freecharge app and login or register.

8) Now Go to Add Money section.

9) Enter your desired money (Like 100 RS), Now add money via Debit/Credit Card.

10) Enter You Super Card 16 Digit No, Your Card Expiry Date and CVV Pin ( all The Details are provided in zeta main Screen)

11) Now you have to verify by Super Pin, Super pin will change in every 5 minutes..
You can find your super pin by Tapping your card in Zeta app.

12) Or if you are using Zeta App and another wallet in same account than you will get Swipe And Pay option also.

13) That's It, This is Little Bit Confusing Method I will try to make a video for that...

14) you can also order free Plastic card also in zeta app.

- Zeta Wallet features - 

Use anywhere/anytime: You can make payments on your mobile app. Instantly pay merchants using their ID or access the Zeta Super Card from your smart phone for online payments.
Manage Super Card: Easily manage all your transactions, Zeta Super Card pin, security settings and more.
Generate Dynamic Pin: Generate a super-secure dynamic pin on your app for whenever you swipe the Zeta Super Card, instead of the standard 4 digit pin, so you don't have to worry about the pin being compromised.
Transfer Money: Send money to anyone in seconds using just their mobile number.
Recharge Mobile: Recharge your mobile/data-card - prepaid or post-paid. Additionally, Zeta Optima users can easily claim tax benefits on mobile, landline or internet recharges done through Zeta mobile app.
Send Gift Cards: Send gift cards to family/friends/colleagues instantly for any occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary or just goodwill. The gift cards can be redeemed at any store.
Avail Offers: Get exciting offers/coupons everyday
Track Expenses: Get notifications on your app for every transaction made via Zeta, to help you keep track of your expenses.
How to Send Money From Paytm to Zeta Wallet

How to Send Money From Paytm to Zeta Wallet

How To Transfer Paytm to Zeta? Can I able o Transfer Money from Paytm To Zeta? Yes Guys This is Possible...Zeta App is very superb Concepted  New E-wallet, Zeta is Providing Same Features As Other Wallet, it also contents Super VCC(Virtual Credit Card) Same As freecharge you can Order Plastic Card also (Same As Udio) but it is totally free, you can't have to pay 100 Rs and other Charges to Order Plastic Card...And The Features are Not Over Yet, it is providing  new and awesome feature, Here zeta provide you the personal bank account...yes  you will get your account no( that's your mobile no) and IFSC Code(RATN0123456).
So  you may have got the trick from features itself.
If not, Then Let's Start.

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- About Zeta App -

Developers built Zeta to be the best one-stop payment solution around. Which means, with Zeta you can save taxes using Zeta Optima, pay at 11,00,000+ stores across India, recharge your mobile/data-card, transfer money to friends/family, send gift-cards, avail merchant offers and much more. It is the quickest and easiest way to carry out digital payments, with or without the Internet.

Using the mobile app, you can request a Zeta Super Card, a MasterCard-powered physical card. Use it to pay any merchant that accept card payments online or at a store. Zeta payments are designed to be universal, so you are not restricted to affiliated merchants.

Just add money to your personal e-wallet, and start making payments using your Zeta Super Card or the Zeta mobile app.

- How to Transfer Paytm Money to Zeta -

1) Zeta App : Click Here
    Paytm App : Click Here

2) Now Login To You Zeta Account By Zeta Secure Code.

3) Now Goto Menu And Click On Accept Money Button..

4) There You will Find two sections, go to Second Section(From bank Account) there you will find your personal bank account details.

Your Mobile Number is Your Account Number &
Your IFSC Code is RATN0123456

IFSC code is fixed for all users and Your Mobile is your Bank account no.
Note This Things..

5) Now Goto Paytm App and Login

6) Now goto Passbook Section.. and there you will find "Send To Bank" Option.

7) Click On That, Now again click on Transfer Button..

8) Now you will be asked for Account No,Your Name,IFSC code..
Enter Your Account No as Your Mobile No.
Enter IFSC Code As RATN0123456
And Enter Your Name.

9) Now Click on Transfer Money Button..

10) That's it, You will get instantly Money in your Zeta Account..

Now you Can use Your Zeta Super Card Anywhere.. 

- How to Order Plastic Card -

1) Login To Your Zeta Account..

2) In Main Option You will Get "Request Plastic Card" Option.

3) Click on That and Enter Delivery details..

4) Now you will get You Plastic Card At Free of Cost within 5-7 Working Days..

For Any Query Don't Forget to Comment.